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Grateful Moments

1. The flower display of the moment in our entryway.

Tomorrow we're attending a funeral service of a good friend's dad, so it's really going to be a mournful weekend as he was one the nicest, kindest men I knew growing up. And having to face my friend under those circumstances for the first time after not seeing her for over a good 10 years makes me feel anxious. So for those of you who might be dealing with the same situation, know that you are not alone and I send my prayers and condolence. But for those with perfect health and a good weekend planned, be grateful for those sweet moments while the time is favorable.

2. This chandelier: an exciting reminder of Wednesday night Cabaret.

3. A comforting lunch break at the most hip cafe for gazpacho + grilled cheese and green tea latte.

4. An evening of cocktails under the stars with a view.

5. Taking a friend to Serendipity for the first time turned out to be the sweetest surprise treat        to us.

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