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I couldn't be any more thrilled that my longing for a console table has finally been satisfied. I was striking  I was striking out big time in my search because of being insistent on not spending a lot for one and also I was being very particular in my selection since I wanted it to match the mental imagery of what I envisioned behind my sofa in this apartment. So after nearly a year-long search, I sort of relinquished the thought of ever finding what I was looking for. Until several weeks ago, that desire was reignited when I saw one on Pottery Barn's Instagram feed. It featured a table I had contemplated buying from their store but passed on it due to its price. Since the price tag had turned me away from examining it closely, I hadn't a clue of the table's measurements, so in the comments I inquired about it, which went unanswered (I guess I don't have enough followers to merit an answer - who knows?). Ironically, a day or two later, I decided to surf craigslist for a console table to see what would pop up and lo and behold the third picture posted was the same exact pottery barn sofa table I had inquired PB on IG about. And guess what? It had the table's measurements all posted right there, which happened to be the size I was looking for. The best part of this whole experience was the person listed the table at almost 80% off the retail price and in perfect condition. Before long, I texted the seller and that same night that table was being loaded up in the back of my SUV going home with us. SCORE!
Naturally, I reimagined it to reflect more of our style and suit our space, taking its appearance from so-so to an oh, so sleek and sophisticated look with just several coats of gold metallic paint (a favorite) which is the same exact one I used on this project. Here's what I did:

Supplies needed: 
1. I dusted the table really well with an old t-shirt, preparing it for its paint job.

2. Using a 1 1/2"inch paint brush, I applied light layers of paint going in one direction, allowing drying time in between before the next coat. 

3. Allow paint to completely dry before handling (about 24 hours or more). And voila! As simple as 1-2-3.
With just three coats of paint later, the table adds such a subtle touch of elegance to the room. It now helps balance and defines the living room area from the dining area. Ranking second as one of my favorite additions to the room besides the fireplace makeover. I smile every time I walk pass by it.

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