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Marvelous Monday Finds: Hi-Top Wedge Sneakers


I didn't own a pair of sneakers until I was in High School, and that was solely because it was mandatory to wear them in my gym class - which tormented my soul for I've always found sneakers to be unattractive as they make my walk feel less graceful - so every time I had to change into them my morale went down . I of course, didn't have a clue about the importance of buying proper fitting sneakers nor could this little orphan's budget afford the most desired/famous brands, like Adidas, Nike, Jordan's or PUMA that students in my school were fighting over and literally shooting each other for. So I settled for a no-namer pair similar to this one and called it a day. Which worked out to my benefit as I didn't have to worry about being jumped for a pair of sneakers. You want my low riding gremlins? Please take'em!  As affordable and cute as Keds are (really liking this one here), they were too flat for me. My height complex wouldn't allow me to be so low to the ground, though my high school nickname "shorty" finally grew on me by my junior year. Featuring today in my 'Marvelous Monday Finds' series post are these more glamorously chic hi-top kicks that are more my speed.

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