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6 Best Perennials To Grow In The Fall

6 Best Potted Perennials To Grow In The Fall

While I may get excited about preparing the interiors of my home for the cozy fall season, what really fills me with glee and sends me into total fall mania, is walking through a nursery during this time of year to pick out my favorite fall foliage to dress up my outdoor space. In every place that I have lived, no matter whether I had an outdoor space or not, I always found a way to make the exterior as seasonally welcoming as the interior by using appropriate decorations - such as hanging a wreath on the front door to placing a cheery autumnal mat at the front door or, flanking the entrance with a couple of vibrant mums.

Gratefully, in my current place, I do have ample outdoor space that I get to dress up this year and I can't wait to get it all done. Given my busy schedule and a terrace where only container gardening is possible, I opt for low maintenance/easy to care plants that pack high visual impact. Not only will these 6 perennials of choice do just that, but they'll also inject a little something 'unexpected' alongside your typical fall garden blooms.

1. Pansies: Are what I call a two-fers because when planted in the fall they will continue to grow and bloom, providing you with eight months of color through the winter into spring.  I found this out last year from one of the guys at my local nursery. To me, that's a win-win. Hardy, full sun, well-draining soil, 1 inch of water per week after initial planting. (Zone 6)

2. RosemaryThis most useful culinary staple is one of those aromatic herbs that makes a beautiful ornamental plant, as well as add contrast to the garden. Full sun, well-drained soil, drought tolerant. (Zones 7-10)

3. Mint: This refreshing herb is one of the easiest non-fussy plants you can grow with very minimal maintenance that easily transfers from garden to kitchen. Perfect for container gardening in order to keep its aggressive nature in check, and will provide an abundance of mint. Prefers cool, moist soil, partial shade, sun. (Zones 3 - 10)

4. Leadplant: I love the unexpected touch of this ground cover. Its starry flowers make it an ideal eye-catching variety to blend in with all of the common autumn colors. Bonus: it blooms twice in the fall (blue flowers with leaves that change to that beautiful autumnal red), and it attracts butterflies. Full sun (makes it spread faster) or shade, drought tolerant, well-draining soil. (Zones 5-9)

5. Thyme: Is another one of the easiest perennials to grow. With its little lavender flowers, it's as lovely as it is fragrant - filling your garden with a delicate aroma amidst the warm hues of the season. Full sun, light well-draining soil,  (Zones 5-9)

6. Mums: Better known as Chrysanthemums. No fall planting would be complete without what I like to think of as the crowning jewel of the season. I love the high impact of this vibrant plant. Hardy, full sun to partial shade, moist, well-draining soil. (Zones 3-9)

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