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6 Easy Steps To Fall Prep At Home


Yesterday, the hubby and I arrived home from our end of summer vacation. As soon as we stepped out of the taxi at the front of our building, we were greeted by the chilly air that says, 'Autumn is indeed here.' This quickly shifted my mind from the joy of vacation to the excitement of prepping my home for fall - starting with the interior, first. I keep things very simple by following these 6 basic steps to help me swiftly transform my place (aside from introducing seasonal flower arrangements peppered throughout the home) into the perfect stylish autumn space all season long: (1) swap out my light cotton sheets to heavier duvets, (2) change summery pastel colored pillows to snug plush Pillows, (3) bring out the faux fur throws on the foot of the bed and sofa, (4) replace the summer's door wreath to a more appropriate one for fall, (5) accent the space with a few fall accessories, and last but not least, (6) I can't think of a quicker way to bring in the aroma of the season other than candles, like autumn noirJapanese black currant...ahh, feeling all cozied up in here already.
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