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Grateful Moments

Express.70' and fringe bag
1. This look reminds me of how much I need to return to my old color palate back in the 90's. Soothing, yet warm.

At first, I was staunchly holding my ground from getting on board with the idea that Labor Day is the end of summer. Then this past Tuesday when it seemed to have suddenly gotten real dark by 6:30 pm - that's when I reluctantly resolved in my heart to make peace with the thought that fall is imminent. Leaving for vacation this weekend couldn't come at a better time - a perfect way to end summer with a bang and soften my mourning of the loss of entertaining al fresco under twinkly lights on breezy summer nights. Have a great one!

2. What breakfast has been looking like lately.

3. I'm so grateful that I got to enjoy these special moments of spending summer evenings under these lights and unexpectedly spotted this sight of a quarter moon looming right above.

4. That moment when you pick up your head and your eyes land on a beautifully shaped building peeking through the trees in the background.

5. Constant weekly encounters with closed-hearted cliques have taught me this wonderful lesson.

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