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Grateful Moments

1. One of our best summer discoveries by far this year.

Now what I want to know is - what is September/Labor Day weekend doing here already? Don't you feel like Summer took a while to get here, but didn't quiet give us the chance to fully embrace it and spend the quality time that we would have liked with it? I'm sure some of us will be softening that blow with a little retail therapy during this labor day weekend sale.

2. The Excitement I felt planting for spring, which feels like yesterday.

3. Have been keeping my summer sunshine bright with this yellow stone pendant in high rotation.

4. Still can't stop feasting my eyes and salivating over this dessert.

5. The best looking handwritten quotes and motivational words I've ever spotted in a juice bar.

On another note: I'm so glad that ABC network and Netflix ironed out their differences and finally released the last season of Revenge. We have been binge watching those episodes, which by the way has my head spinning with all the backstabbing twists of the characters. But really, we all should have a Nolan (aka Gabriel Manan) in our lives. I may not be fully ready for fall, but I certainly am ready for several of my favorite fall shows to come back - starting with the Ladies of London to million dollar listing: Los Angeles. 

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