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Gatsby Inspired Fashion

Great Gatsby Mansion

The hubby and I have been invited to a Great Gatsby themed party being held on the East Egg of Long Island that is swiftly approaching and I’m still very much undecided on what to wear.  When you receive an amazingly well-produced Great Gatsby video invitation with the theme song  “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”, this leads me to believe that I must bring my A-game in the attire department.  Knowing our friends, this will be one of the swankiest parties of the year. Now, I’m torn whether or not I want to embrace the full glamour of the era by wearing an all sequins gown or if I should go for a more shapeless loose-fitting fringe flapper-inspired style dress. Not only have I been pondering the outfit for a while now, but it’s been a back and forth on whether I want to wear a hat or a bedazzled headband with a feather in it, (which I’m leaning more on DIY’ing myself) and of course, the shoes!  Aahhh, I hate not having a complete vision of my look yet! Whenever, I find myself in this conundrum, I put my mental outfit ideas to paper. In this instance, I laid them out in collage form to help me visually see my possibilities clearer. Here are some of the style ideas I’m thinking of for the fancy soiree thus far.

Dressing for a Great Gatsby Themed Party
Great Gatsby Party Fashion Attire Details
Beaded Evening Bag // Dark Blue Beaded Sequins Dress {on sale} // Oscar De La Renta Starburst Drop Earrings // Cloche Hat {that I would add either a rhinestone applique on or a feather or both} // Cocktail Ring // Rhinestone Bow Sandal {also like this option, but I'd add boa feather on the t-strap} // Pearl Coil Bracelet

Great Gatsby Inspired Fashion Looks

Personally, I believe it's all in the details. I love how accessories can transform any simple outfit into a lavishly rich look. You'll notice that in all these outfit looks, the accessories transform the ensembles into Gatsby worthy glamorous attire. Anyone can put on a gown, but with the right accessory details - an outfit glitters.

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