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Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday Deals + Sales
On this Cyber Sales Monday, I thought I'd share some treasured, must-have items in my kitchen that make cooking and entertaining efficiently seamless. Gifting such essential items would make any hosts' time in the kitchen more of a pleasurable experience, instead of a dreadful one. 

1. Le Creuset Cast-Iron French Oven this classic beauty has served my family and friends numerous amounts of delicious soups and boeuf bourguignon. It certainly is the perfect gift for the cook or chef in your circle. Its colorful beauty sitting on the stove inspires more cooking. 

2. Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer. It is one of the greatest additions in my kitchen. I've been whipping all kinds of flavored whipped cream around here. Think of bourbon espresso.

3. Candles are always a great idea. Especially, well-crafted ones that smell heavenly as in this one, the tobacco bark and my current favorite scent gifted from a friend.

4. Champagne Saver Topper any item that can keep champagne bubbles in and is a no-spill pourer - makes it the best gift ever!

5. Corkscrew Kit is a gift that has me thanking my friend with a huge smile every time I use it, even after several years later.

6. Le Creuset Cafe Stoneware French Press. Though my Bodum has been serving us well, I'm crushing on the beauty of these colorful ones.

7. Reversible Grill & Griddle make either pancakes or grilling sausages a cinch.

8. Copper roasting Pan with Rack is now on sale* - making it the perfect opportunity to score one this year.

9. State Slate Cheeseboard. Oh, how fun! A little bit more interesting than my current plain one.

10. Juice Squeezer Set (on sale). I make fresh citrus juice for my cocktails or cooking, and these come in so handy when I don't want to pull out my electric juicer.

*Sur La Table Sale is one of my ultimate go-to stores for kitchen gadgets and with all the sales right now, I'm nervous that I might go overboard.
Use code: SAVEBIG for 20% off clearance sale (ends today).
 Orders over $59 Ship Free - use code: SHIPFREE at checkout.

If you're looking for some idea inspirations of what to give, check out my gift picks (make sure to click on the side arrow to continue to the next page) + gift guides here.

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