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DIY: Roaring 20s Flapper Feather Headband Hair Clip

DIY-Great-Gatsby-Roaring 20s-Flapper-Feather-Headband-Hairclip-Before+After

As promised, I will now show you how I made my flapper girl roaring 20s feather headband for the Great Gatsby party I attended two weekends ago. It’s really a no brainer DIY that I simply put together in less than fifteen minutes. When I went shopping for a dress, I saw several different feather headband styles that didn’t come close to the one I had my heart set on (in look 3) or would fit the look that I was after. But once, I purchased the dress, I decided that I was going to make my own headband instead with items I already had lying around in my crafts arsenal. The only new item I needed to buy was the feathers. The key to achieving the 1920s look is by going bold and over the top, which is right up my alley. Think large glittering headpieces that can be embellished with or without a large feather. Since my dress already stood out with its beautiful intricate detailing, I went with an in-between creation for my headband as I wanted it to complement the outfit, not overpower it. I combined a black feather hair clip atop of a white feather that I cut down (yet kept tall enough for a bit of exaggeration) and glued it to my glittering black headband topped with an old crystal pin that I had sitting in my jewelry-making drawer. But if it’s way too out there for your taste, you can always go with an elegant crystal hair comb like this one, this one or this one. Alternatively, for a touch of understated sparkle, you can add an old sparkling broche to a glittering headband.  

What you'll need:  

·        Glittering headband
·        1 white feather + 1 black feather (or any of your choice) hair clip to clip on the headband
·        Crystal embellishment (could be anything that strikes your fancy or already own)
·        Felt
·       E6000 adhesive
·      Scissors

Step 1:
I clipped the small black feather hair clip on to my headband. Then I cut down my large white feather to the size that I wanted and added a little drop of glue inside the clip in the back before I place it inside the two sides of the clip, I than applied pressure for a few seconds. 

Step 2:
Cut a round piece of felt (I would have much preferred black, but I used what I had on hand) and glue right over where the clip (in this case – a hard plastic) sits on your hair just to keep it from pulling on your hair or pressing into your scalp.

Step 3:
Finally, I applied some glue on the back of my crystal pin and pressed it right in the center of the black feather for an added touch of sparkle and let it dry overnight.
For a faux bob, I simply tucked my hair under after curling it and secured it with several bobby pins. Then I slid my headband right over the top.

Next: I’ll share my rookie makeup process for that evening which moved my hubby’s eyes to look at me as if I was a different person. And when I asked him “what’s that look? You don’t like it?” He said: “I’m just not used to you with makeup on. You don’t need it.” His usual response for those rare occasions when I do put on more makeup than my usual barely there makeup face. 

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