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Grateful Moments

1. My traditional pie game for my girls' night in.

Happy Friday! What's on your agenda for this weekend? My ideal dream weekend right now would be to spend it in bed, catching up on reading that I've fallen very behind on and lazily lounging around listening to music or watching a favorite movie or two, but the reality of it will be completely the opposite. It is already a packed one with mandatory events and a scheduled to-do list to get closet space and guest room ready for out of town company arriving in about a weeks time. While I may not get to have my ideal weekend, I plan on staying in the good moments of my week that I enjoyed.

2. The best lovely surprise gift from a girlfriend and my newest favorite fragrance (a similar scent of this pink grapefruit).

3. A great afternoon walk through the beauty of the Autumn leaves at the neighborhood park.

4. An ordinary tin of butter cookies that got a touch of glam for a memorable luncheon get-together. 

5. Those moments when you stroll in to the supermarket and get that instant comforting feeling that it's fall!

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