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Apple Cider Mimosas

Festive Champagne Apple Cider Mimosas Recipes

I'm not a fan of straight up Champagne, but I appreciate its effervescent nature when mixed in with other beverages like, elderflower liquor, mimosas, or a queen bee to mention just a few. Moreover, I just love the romantic euphoria champagne evokes - especially, when the cork pops producing the lava-like eruption of bubbles and fizz rushing down the side of the bottle. For its prestigious commanding character, I always have a couple of bottles on hand at home for whenever an occasion that warrants a celebration arises. At a recent dinner we hosted at home, I wanted to make a special seasonal cocktail for the evening and decided on an unusual combination by  mixing pure cloudy unfiltered apple cider with Champagne + Cointreau, which resulted in delicious apple cider mimosas that had my guests begging for more. It's hands down my new favorite cocktail this season. Besides, mimosas are one of the easiest and quickest drinks to make. In my case - it calls for only 3 ingredients enlivened by rimming the lip of each glass (for a decorative look and additional flavor) - completed with a garnish of choice.

Ingredients {Makes 8 drinks}

1 chilled bottle of Champagne
3 cups pure unfiltered cloudy apple cider 
1/2 cup Cointreau (or grand marnier/triple sec)
Slices of apple for garnish (optional)
Sugar | Cinnamon | Allspice mixed together into a color and consistency that you prefer*

{To make 1 drink}

1/3 cup chilled champagne
1/3 cup pure unfiltered cloudy apple cider
3 tbsp. Cointreau (or Grand Marnier/Triple sec)
Apple slices for garnish (optional)


Mix the apple cider and Cointreau together (can even be done the night before - minus the champagne of course.) When ready to serve, fill 8 champagne flutes half way with your apple cider mixture. Top with champagne. Garnish, then serve.

*Use a shallow small plate of apple cider, then dip the rim of your glass to moisten. Next dip the glass rim into the sugar cinnamon allspice mixture to coat each glass. Be sure to make enough so that each rim gets covered and don't forget to rim your glasses before you fill in your liquids. That's happened to me before, thus the heads up.;-)

Each of these drinks is sure to make your guests grin with glee as they take each sip.

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