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Cozy Gifts Under $50

Giftguides Under $50

Once the cold weather hits, it quickly turns me into a perpetual lounger, so any items that coax me into that snuggling state-of-mind are the most ideal, thoughtful gifts. These are some of my main lounging items of choice to ward off the chill of the weather. All under $50 and on sale! 

3. Soft Textured Beanies with Pom-Pom add such a fun touch to any outerwear attire

4. Candles once lit, instantly evoke a sense of coziness. A Winter Scented One is one of the greatest gifts to receive or give in my book

5. Lounging sometimes calls for polishing our nails - these are the three nail polish colors that I'm currently drawn to: Essie 'Smokin' Hot' | 'Shattered Pink Diamond Glitz' | 'Encrusted'

6. Snuggly comfy Bootie Slippers (also loving this one here and here)

7. Legwarmers - perfect for lounging at home or wearing with boots. Looking to collect a few this season. Use code: XTRA30 at checkout to enjoy an extra 30% off sale items at Anthropologie.

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