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Gifts Under $25

Affordable Gift-giving gifts under $25 for the office+home

1. Quirky Plumage Snuffer - a great conversation starter accent.

2. Gleaming Brass Julep Cup Accents - perfect to add that touch of glam throughout the home.

3. Polka Dot Journal - ideal for jotting down inspirational notes, ideas and goals in a chic way.

4. Jute Fist Knot Door Stopper - a much needed item in my household. I also like the message on this one.

5. This Tapered Lisbeth Vase shiny metallic makes for an impactful centerpiece.

6. A finely crafted pair of Gold Stork Design Scissors - one can never have too many scissors. This style makes an ideal gift, at least in my book.

7. One of the most functionally fashionable entertaining essential items in a home is a tray. Especially, a stylish one like this Croco Gold One.

8. Add warmth and drama to your decor with this Foxy Geometric Votive Jar.

9. Pretty desk accents like this Gold Stapler not only bring a sleek style to your desk, but induces you to want to work.

10. The natural jewel-toned beauty that Agate Bookends bring to a space make them must have items that should be on any gift-shopping-list. I mean, look at these. Pure beauty.

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