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Grateful Moments

Cloudy Rainy Day in NYC New York City
1. I appreciate cloudy days just as much as sunny ones.

We've been on a long streak of balmy weather for December which I've been enjoying. However, I seem to always feel more motivated and get more done on gloomy days like yesterday (with the right tunes playing, of course). Is it the same for you as well or am I the only one?

2. Love downtown restaurants - they sometimes remind me of far flung places like Paris, say.

Rockefeller Center New York City Holiday Time
3. An afternoon spent out and about always does wonders for good mental distraction.

4. A snippet of New York City's vibe currently.

Downtown Soho New York City Movie Vibe
5. It felt like we were in a movie scene here when we exited a downtown restaurant on date night.

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May This Weekend Bring You Rest!

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