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For my very first post of 2016, I want to quickly write about a topic that I'm sure is at the top of most people's list with the start of the new year - goals. Instead of setting myself up for failure at the beginning of every year with an endless list of resolutions that I know realistically, I will lose the willpower to keep with the first obstacle thrown my way, I prefer to use a simple method that ensures success when it comes to realizing my goals. The sure way I've found to reach goals is by having them fixed right in front of my eyes on a vision board to see what they are every day. Having a vision board of image representations and quotes of things I'm trying to achieve has proved to be one of the most powerful tools in keeping me focused and motivated throughout the year. This inspirational, tangible, illustration of those goals strengthens my resolve and stimulates my willpower to see them through. The only difference this year, is that I plan on following this more fully and improving on my 2015 goals.

My current vision board is made out of an old picture on canvas (which no longer fits our decor style) that I flipped over and inserted several sheets of cork board in the back. Using push pins, I now tack away on there my favorite fashion magazine cutouts, quotes, sweet sentimental cards from friends and whatever inspires me. And if there's no room for a vision board, you can always use a sketchbook (as I did days before blogging and Pinterest) to write in or glue any favorite inspirational photos.

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