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Affordable Alternative {Funnel Neck Sweater Tops}

There was a time period in my life from my adolescent years into my twenties, that I lived in turtleneck tops. I owned every color imaginable. I mean, if it had a high neck, I was game. Up till this day, I still have a mix of several ribbed turtlenecks and mock neck tops remaining in my closet, even after innumerable amounts of wardrobe revamping and purging. I'm drawn to that sort of style not only for their warmth and comfort, but also for the ultimate chic classy vibe that they lend. And the way they elegantly elongate my neck too - makes me feel so much taller than I really am and a little bit regal, I might add. This Frame Denim one had me at first glance - from its mohair wool mix to the funnel neck and its relaxed oversized shape, I can just imagine how buttery soft and warm that it must feel against the skin. But once I saw its price tag, it quickly sent me looking for a more affordable alternative. Not too long into my search, I found this Asos funnel neck sweater that has a much more sassy style to it. I love how the fabric looks fluffy soft, the dropped shoulders gives it an effortless relaxed chic vibe and of course the most important feature - the funnel neck. And you know what else? It's on sale! Whoop!!

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