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January's Favorite Links Around The Web


1. Forty-one random facts about New York that will blow your mind. My mind was blown at fact number one. Say what?!! 

2. This mock neck sweater in that blush color had me at hello! What makes it even more of a sweeter deal (besides it being one of my favorite colors to wear during the grey days of winter) - it's 40% off.

3. The moment I saw this elegant nautical stripes pump, I instantly thought of pairing it with this blush and grey color combo. It would be like the exclamation point to the outfit. BAM!

4. Some of the best advice on how to turn jealousy and envy into motivation. An anomaly that always gets me, as I'm always befuddled at why seeing/perceiving the success of others, including your own friends wouldn't make you feel genuinely happy for them.

5. This holiday village in Russia was one of my most favorite out of the 100 best photographs ever taken without Photoshop. I envisioned myself living in one of those gingerbread houses. {insert the heart eyes emoji here.}

6. I don't have as much of an aversion for cauliflower as my hubby does, and knowing its health benefits, I do try to incorporate it into our diet every so often. This week, I decided to try this recipe version.  All I have to say is, it felt as if I discovered gold! That's how good it was. It was so good that the hubby, after eating the whole thing, asked if it was quinoa. Hooray! I don't think I'll ever go back to eating this not-so-loved vegetable any other way again.

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