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Grateful Moments

1. This sweet looking chandelier currently hanging in our upstairs hallway was my first mail order light back in 2003 and has graced every place we've lived. It's a piece that brings back fond memories of the first home we owned.

Happy Friday! I felt like this week moved in slow motion, because I was feeling less than 100% of myself. Tonight, I'm going to force myself from my cocoon and head to a scheduled girls' night out on the town with a friend. We planned this a long time ago and even though I'm not really up to getting dressed to go out, I've got to do it. I feel bad to cancel at the last minute. But I'm ready for our forecasted "impending snowstorm of the year".  It'll be nice to finally get some snow (hopefully) for the season. I love the pure peaceful look and feel that it gives the city.

2. With new morning goals now, I get to wake up and enjoy the soft quiet morning light that floods into part of our dining room.

3. City living most of the time doesn't hand you the best options in flowers. This single rose is proof of that - this was the best one out of the entire bunch that I scored this past week for our place.

4. Love the natural wood effect against all the granite and glass tile in the kitchen + it reminds me of my late mother-in-law for that thoughtful gift.

5. A most prized kitchen gift this week.

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