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Springing Forward to 2016

Out of all the 2015 trends, the one that stuck with me the most was a favorite signature style of mine back in the 90s -  from the tie-neck and off the shoulder blouses, wide leg flare jeans to clogs and mules. It reminds me of a time period in my life when I was finally coming into my own… purchasing clothes that I really wanted and made me feel better about myself, and a time when I was surrounded by the best group of friends. For old times sake, hoping to re-tap into my more youthful days, I'm leaning towards re-introducing some of those pieces back into my wardrobe this coming spring. And I'm sure we all can agree there's an alluring quality that awakens the sexy side of us wearing a shoulder-baring top. 

See more of my favorite style: Mules and Clogs | Off Shoulder Tops + Wide Leg Flare Jeans.How about you? What fashion trends bring back the fondest memories for you?

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