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With the beginning of a new year again, comes a great opportunity to set oneself up for success instead of failure, by preventing the wrong habits and relationships from getting in the way of accomplishing set goals. I'm a quick learner in general, but slow in letting go of certain friendships, as my loyalty and unusual soft heart can never seem to allow me to. Thankfully, by the tail end of last year, I was forced to finally learn the importance of adopting the above admonishment. Intending to end this year without the same regrets, I now have accepted that it is imperative to completely let go of those I have to beg for attention and that want me around only when they need something, and keep the genuine ones that value me, know my worth and always leave me feeling good. It will make me a better person for it; one that will be able to reciprocate the same back to those few and others that cross my path. It's true, we might not be able to control those who walk into our life, but we sure can control who we choose to keep in our life. Always surround yourself with genuine people who impact your life in a positive way - though few they may be. Your mental and physical health will thank you for it.

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