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February's Favorite Links Around The Web


1. The 3 vital questions that will help you break your worst communication habits and immediately increase your emotional intelligence. #NoteToSelf

2. How successful people's sleep patterns compare to the average American. Could they possibly be sleeping less hours than us, average Joe Schmos?

3. I'm always looking for ways to keep me from indulging in all the wrong things {that I deem 'comfort food'}, thus the reason why these 15 best natural appetite suppressants appealed to me.

4. Not that I have much time to watch movies online these days, but it's good to know the best sites to watch movies online without downloading for when the opportunity arises, such as when traveling.

5. Since the chilly months of winter hit, I pretty much have been living on a favorite Vietnamese soup called Pho Beef with Oxtail Broth. I'm so obsessed with it, I find myself salivating for it the minute I wake up. I know, I'm odd. The place where I get it makes it the best, with the tastiest flavors for one's mouth to experience on bone chilly cold gloomy days! So of course when I saw this recipe on Instagram, I immediately wanted to try making it this week. I'll let you know how it comes out. Stay tuned!

6. I've been doing this (on occasions when needed) for years and thought I'd file this how to remove smell from towels tips for so many that are always curious as to why I dilute my fabric softener with vinegar and add baking soda in my wash, especially my whites. Plus, I always give my loads a double rinse to make sure all the soap is out of my clothes to avoid the yellowing of my fabrics.

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