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Grateful Moments

1. I always appreciate a good quote reminder that serves as a windshield wiper to the mind. 

It's been several years since we've been to a Super Bowl party or spent it with anyone else other than just the two of us (minus one - me, doing everything else but watching the game until the good part - halftime!). Imagine my excitement that this year the hubby and I have been invited to a viewing party at our friends who gratefully, live out of state in a much warmer climate. I can hardly wait for the change of pace and spending some time with good friends where I know there will be lots of food, laughter and of course, drinks. Enjoy your game day weekend lovelies!

2. I had a hard time picking out a favorite out of all these nice sweatshirts, but this pink heart one would add a perfect punch of color to any jeans, especially on gameday.

3. Friends surprised me with tickets to her show this week and I must say, their waiting process before entering the studio is the most comfortable and beats all other TV shows that I've been to. 

4. A deviation from the norm - brunch drinks that did not disappoint and a great reminder that it's good to try new things every once in a while.

5. This lookbook makes me love jeans more than usual and my heart glad for spring/summer

PS. Here's an easy peasy menu for your Super Bowl shindig in case you're having one.

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