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Toasty Toes and Sassy Slippers


It's apparent that I've had my mind on shoes lately, but as a shoeaholic it's no surprise. As such, I recently realized that my house slippers have not been on point as they used to be. Even though my seasonal pair of slippers are comfortable (like right now for the winter, I live in these and I keep these 'foot candy' pair in my travel bag), a little variety to slip into while at home would make a world of difference in starting my day on a good foot (no pun intended).  I'm not much for flats, but I try to give my feet a break while at home since I live in my heels the majority of the time, and after spotting some of these lovely varieties shown in this post, I sure wouldn't mind knocking around the house in some of these toasty toes slippers given the cold weather currently. Also since my mind has already been on spring, I've been hunting for the perfect pair to switch into once the season arrives and what better way to usher in airy spring than in one of these sassy slipper choices shown here. The bonus is their look and style make them just as seamlessly practical enough to run a quick errand in if needed - aaaand, most of them are on sale!

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