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8 beauty skincare essentials to glowing skin in spring and summer

In the realm of beauty routine, simplicity and speed have always been my moto. I've always felt that the less makeup I pile on my face, the kinder my skin will be to me in the long run. And since the first thing people look at is the face, I'd rather them see the real me instead of hiding behind my real beauty or lack thereof  with a load of makeup. However as the years go by, I find that I'm relying more and more on concealer to help cover my raccoon eyes and a few age spots that are slowly creeping in but even then, I sometimes let it all hang out depending on the mood I wake up in. That said however, doesn't mean I neglect my skin (nor am I thoughtless about what I use on it) as I do believe that a great skincare routine using the right products is just as important and is key to impeccable glowing skin, in addition to a proper diet of course. And now that spring is here, there are definitely certain products that I've grown fond of and others that I'd like to test out to help beautify my body, leaving my skin radiant from head to toe. Here are a few of my personal picks and tricks for having soft and fresher skin in spring and summer:

1. A lightweight multi-purpose body oil that contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E and almond oil, helps keep skin firm and leaves the skin hydrated and lustrously soft. I usually carry in my bag a body oil mist for occasional spritzing (have been using this one all winter). There's nothing like the pleasing fragrance with each spritz that immediately evokes feelings of summer vacation escapes.

2. Caffeine is known to reduce swelling and I'm in desperate need of looking well-rested. Banishing my pesky under eye dark circles for me is a must. Testing out this yet to be tried coffee bean caffeine under eye cream is a necessary evil for me.

3. In addition to the application of a cleanser, masks can help exfoliate the skin, remove blackheads, clean pores and revitalize a dry dull complexion. Tata Harper resurfacing mask is 100% natural, plus the treatment of beta-hydroxy formula makes it a perfect at home alternative facial peel to soothe away winter roughness, for a smoother more radiant appearance. This more affordable option is also a very good one.

4. I was using makeup remover towelettes (like this one here, here and here) to remove mascara and foundation when I wear them for special occasions, but I didn't like the way they left my face feeling even though I'd wash my face with my cleanser after using them. I was noticing that they left my face feeling dry, especially around my mouth area and sometimes produced little bumps. So I decided to test out Burt's Bees cleansing oil - three things sold me on it: "coconut + argan oil and it's natural, I love the way it leaves my face feeling silky smooth without that oily feeling.

5. Self-pampering for me is one of the most important things when it comes to feeling beautiful and relaxed. So about once a week, I make sure to exfoliate in the shower with a favorite body scrub. Other two of my faves are: this one and this one. Removing dead cells off your body is important for smoother glowing skin. In my case, brown sugar spice skin. ;-) Speaking of brown skin - word of caution for us ladies: avoid harsh exfoliants that contain rough granules, because they can irritate the skin and trigger pigmentation problems. That's why it's best to use mild exfoliants and try not to use too many types at once or too often. Otherwise, the skin will appear dry and flaky instead of getting that sunkissed radiant soft glow that we're looking to achieve.

6. I have a dilemma with flaky, dry irritated lips and it's not because I don't drink water.  Using a good lip exfoliation followed by an application of a buttery moisturizing lip balm is a must-incorporate in my beauty regimen as it means removing all the unwanted chapped, dry skin from my lips. Plus exfoliation helps minimize the darkness of the lips. So it's a win win. If you love creme brulee like I do, you'll love this one.

7. I have normal-combination skin, so I rarely ever use a toner. However in the warmer months where my face tends to look shiny, I do love to incorporate a toner to help minimize the shine, reduce the appearance of my pores and for a good dose of revitalizing hydration, I love using the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Mist. It smells fresh and is soothing to the skin.

8. The ultimate step is to smell yummy. Think smelling like summer vacation in the tropics and there's nothing that says summer to me like coconut. A light misting from head to toe of this honey coconut perfume (currently on sale) is one of the must-haves in the bag during spring/summer. It reminds me of sitting on the seashore under the palm trees in both Puerto Rico and the Bahamas sipping on fresh coconut juice interspersed with Pina Colada.

P.S. See more of my other favorite beauty products here.

Happy Spring, lovelies!

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