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Grateful Moments

Las Vegas Summerlin Majestic Palm Trees in the desert
1. Missing warm weather on this misty snowy wet cold day today.

This week, I found myself doing a lot of reflecting and self-examining that left me feeling less than one hundred percent. Re-learning how to not over analyze or make too much out of everything that people spew in my face has definitely taught me that sometimes, the qualities that we think we've mastered can either subtlety erode away or we have not completely cultivated them to the extent that we think. But I'm feeling super grateful for two things: first, that I could take the much needed mental health rest days without the added burden hanging over me of worrying about making "a boss" mad for calling in sick and second, tomorrow we'll be having some out of town guests over for afternoon tea after their long flight out of the country, which seems to be a recurring theme around here lately (which by the way I'll be sharing some of my Oscars high tea shindig next week some time, including a couple of the recipes... so make sure to check back;-).

Las Vegas Wynn Hotel Suites Marble Floors
2. It was the greatest treat for the eyes, waking up to floors like this throughout our hotel suite while away.

Wine Bar Bottles And Seats
3. One of the things that reverberates my soul is seeing a well-executed restaurant's bar and entryway.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Aquaknox divine seafood Restaurant + bar
4. These friends couldn't have garnered any more brownie points with me for the loveliest five course seafood and wine pairing surprise - one of my most memorable nights this year yet!

La Cave Hideaway Bar Restaurant Lounge ceiling fixtures at the Wynn Hotel
5. Love love ceiling fixtures - especially, in settings such as in this cozy bar hideaway.

P.S. The iPhone 5s takes the worst pictures in history. Sigh... and I thought my husband's dinosaur crackberry was bad. Sheeeeesh.... Yes Apple, I realize it's a tactic to upgrade and make you large profits.

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