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Grateful Moments

Assorted Pastel Buttermint Creams After Dinner Mints
1. Cheery bright favorites, reminder of the imminence of sweet refreshing colorful spring and summer days, and that I'll be wearing one of these colors as a bridesmaid this summer.

The warm break in the weather this week has us feeling so re-energized, it has beckoned us to venturing out of our cocoons, taking daily morning walks alongside the east river and parks once again. Ahh, that scent of fresh spring air has me excited to get my hands dirty, getting our terrace back in action for enjoying the nicer days under the sky reading, lounging and eating in the outdoors. May better days ahead give you the needed hope and respite to carry on with your life this weekend.

A Spring Bunch of Tulips in An Owl Vase on the Bart Cart
2. The sweetest tulip bunch handed to me from out of town visitors who stopped by for a visit.

Colorful Healthy Salmon Breakfast Bites + Fruits + Tea
3. Our morning breakfast has been pretty colorful lately.

Orange Crosley Record Radio Player
4. Once I laid my eyes on the color of this Crosley player, I've been totally thinking of replacing mine here. 

Sweet Tea Gift Set
5. This sweet tea set just reminds me that I need to send a couple of gifts out today. Life needs more sweet tea and sunshine.

Other cool things that made me either smile or went huh, how cool/interesting!

~ Would you say this sunglass beach towel is a yay or nay? 

~ ...and just in case you missed this how-to post.

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