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Grateful Moments

1. Sweet floral greetings upon entering the guest bath.

Woah, how is it Friday already!? Sigh... other than a night out with a friend tonight, my most grandiose plan that I'm dreaming of for this weekend is to take a relaxing bath, soaked in bubbles, surrounded by candles with a book in hand. How about you - what are your weekend plans?
2. Finally bit the bullet and upgraded to some new toys - in rose gold, of course.

Kate Spade + Henri Bendel iPad Mini Cases
3. The process of choosing a cover for an iPad isn't an easy task given all the pretty options to choose from. I didn't even find this one or this until I'd already struggled to pick one from these choices.

4. Simple contented breakfast of steel cut oatmeal with berries + tea for two.
Bean Shape Wood Cheese Board
5. The kitchen counter lately: bean shaped wooden board being put to good use.

Psst... there are some good sales going on this weekend.

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