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Kelly Ripa's Return to LIVE! With Kelly and Michael Show Speech
Happy hump day, lovelies! Looking for a quick mental break? Here are a few links that I found intriguing around the web (some of them had been sitting on my desktop for a while).

1. Phew... boy, am I glad that this much anticipated return of Kelly Ripa back to the show - wondering how she was going to address all the madness surrounding her reaction to being 'blindsided' about Michael leaving the show that saturated the media is over. She addressed it exactly how I knew she would...with class and professionalism without cowering. #TinyButMighty.

2. Speaking of feeling relieved, one can agree that wine is an amazing antidote to any anxious care, but what if you're calorie conscious and yet in need of some vino to take the edge off? This wonderful waistline conscious wine calorie chart comes to the rescue. You're welcome.

3. For someone who despises a lot of beauty rules. I appreciated reading these 22 useless beauty tips to ignore.

4. Though I feel horizontal stripes make me appear a lot larger in photos, I'm still a sucker for them. Especially, these types of romantic stripe styles. They are perfect for the summer wardrobe.

5. Given the decline of this most important quality and one that I feel strongly about when it comes to dealing with others, I found this post on 'Kindfully + Mindfully' to be one of the most refreshingly meaningful things I've read online as of late.

6. Raise your hand (ME!) if you find doing squats boring. Come to find out, there are 9 moves that beat squats. Hooray! {Insert hallelujah emoji here}.


Elegant Evening Shoes

Bridesmaid Event Elegant Evening Heels Shoes As a shoeaholic soon-to-be bridesmaid, I've been on the hunt for the ideal pair of elegant evening shoes. I'm thinking something comfortable and exceptionally shimmery, of course. A stunning pair that will add the perfect finishing touch to the glamorous dress. Naturally, my eyes locked and have been ogling over the top four heels above - from top left to right: Gianvito Rossi Lace-Up Sandal | Guiseppe Zanotti OpenToe Platform | Oscar De La Renta | Oscar De La Renta Embellished Booties. I mean, how can you not?! However as stunning as they are (though Saks Fifth Avenue F&F sale - up to 30% off offer is very tempting), I feel that these less pricier options below (click the side arrow to see more) are just as dazzling and party-ready as their royal counterparts. Especially, for someone who's not the bride


Grateful Moments

1. I love these stylish message pins so much, I've curated my favorite nine from left to right: Big Bud Red Nail Salon Pin | Whatever Forever Pin | Sad Songs Pin |  Paradise Pin | NYC Pin {an obvious choice} | Love Myself Pin {a necessary reminder} | 80's Lips Phone Pin {plus the message couldn't be any more nostalgic} | Awful Lapel Pin | Magic Mushroom Pin 

It appears that Spring might be overlooking us this year in the Northeast. The weather still calls for layers of heavy coats, tights, warm beannie hats, blanket scarves, gloves and occasionally, boots. The only good thing is that it finally stopped raining, bringing us blue skies lit with warm radiant sunlight. Whatever the weather has been in your corner of the world, may it find you well, enjoying the important moments in life: good health, loving companionship and doing something that nurtures you inside and out. Enjoy!

2. Sweet heart details like this with a gold outline on the frames of my Tiffany&Co. prescription glasses make wearing them feel more like a stylish accessory as opposed to feeling geeky.

3. Receiving this unusually cool three prong ring in the mail totally made my week.

4. I have this fascination with a well-arranged bar, especially when it's littered with candles in interesting votive candle holders throughout. Just makes me feel beyond giddy.

5. Spring might not be showing up, but I'm ready for it and summer with one of my fave seasonal items listed here. The scent makes me feel like I'm on vacation.

Other things that brought a smile to my face this week:

* Fine soft looking linen like this...

* Nostalgic item like this conveniently useful for Insta memory making...

* Did you see these? Which one is your favorite?

* Perfectly pink carrying option.


20 Classic Black Bags Perfect All Year Round

20 Classic every day Black Bags Perfect for All Year Round

When it comes to bags, I've gone through my fair share of trend obsessions/faux-pas. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, I was content with possessing only two bags: my school backpack and a black bag for going out, which I used until it disintegrated. Eventually, when I started to generate income and could afford to make my own purchases, I got into the trend of matching my bags with my shoes and belts, which of course, littered my closet with an accumulation of pocketbooks that I didn't necessarily really like. Finally, I got smarter and decided to de-clutter my wardrobe of all the bags that I wasn't in love with, and I slowly started to invest in quality timeless classic handbags that are not only versatile, but chic enough for me to reach for time after time. In spite of this though, the other day when I wanted to carry a black bag, I realized that other than my Balenciaga handbag, I don't really have a basic black bag for just everyday use. With that realization came this search to find a good looking practical one that's classy, timeless and one that I'll love to carry all year round.  These are some of the ones that caught my eye thus far.

15. Anthropologie Vegan Leather Clutch // 16. Sam Edelman Lucca Clutch // 17. La Regale Lucite Minaudiere Clutch {on sale} // 18. Urban Expressions Hart Wristlet // 19. Scalloped Pouch { - 25 % off your purchase + extra 40% shoes and accessories} // 20. Inzi Snake Chain Border Clutch {on sale}


Bridal Shower Dresses

Wedding season is upon us and with that comes bridal showers to attend and the obvious question - what am I going to wear? Today, bridal showers have come a long way from your typical olden days, 'humdrum come as you may' to bring the bride-to-be her gifts, drink some punch from a punch bowl and wait for her to open the gifts and dash out. Rather, they've become a festive time to create an unforgettable celebratory moment for the bride, family and friends, often with imaginative theme parties requiring one to dress stylishly. The one we're about to attend is an example of that. Occasions like this means dressing up and being that it's only a month away and I'm not a last minute person, I've already been thinking of the different ensemble options of what I'd like to wear. There are so many choices that I'm pondering over, from my own wardrobe to shopbob's beautiful dress choices, to the dresses listed in this post. And as usual, I always err on the side of dressy!

What to wear to a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Dresses

Bridal Shower Dresses
Bridal Shower Dresses


Grateful Moments

1. Ceiling goal + I wouldn't mind lingering at their hip West Hollywood spot enjoying their tasty drinks and food while people watching right about now.

Although I'm still battling an annoying residual cough from having had the flu, I'm so glad to be feeling way better than I did over a week ago. The hubby and I finally did something much more exciting (besides just running errands and coming right back home) and tried this spot to satiate this strong ceviche craving I was having - although I ended up extremely disappointed with their ceviche mixto. The only consolation was their jalapeno rimmed tamarind margarita that my hubby tried was very good and at the end of our meal, the waiter surprised us with the tastiest specialty house liquor drink mixed with cream that they serve for dessert. I will go back for that as it was delicious! Hope you had a great week and have a relaxing fun weekend planned.

2. Was so glad to have gotten my sushi fixed this week. 

3. My favorite comforting cinematic speakeasy 'home away from home' that always takes me back to one of my favorite eras.

4. Oysters would be my 'last meal' request for sure. My faves are the Kumamotos.

5. This stripe pattern drawstring dress makes me look forward to warm summer days. By the way, there a lot of good sales going on right now.



White Kitchens With Gold + Brass Hardware Finishes

There are some design trends that just make sense. The classic all-white kitchen with gold and brass accents is one of those and for good reason. When you take a sophisticated color like white and pair it with stylish accessories such as curvy gold hardware finishes and lighting, you are bound to take your kitchen from utilitarian to glamorously contemporary which will beckon you to channel your inner chef skills in such a space. I am not big on 'matchy, matchy', so I especially love the two-tone cabinetry, where the walls and top cabinets are white, but the bottom cabinets are painted in a contrasting color that adds warmth and depth. That's precisely why this trend is my mood at the moment.

White Kitchens With Gold + Brass Hardware Finishes

* Image source: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


Wish I Could Turn Back Time

Rat Pack Theme At The Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas

Rat Pack Theme At The Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas Nevada

Rat Pack Theme At The Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas NV

Rat Pack Theme At The Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas Nevada

Rat Pack Theme At The Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
DaFashionista Rat Pack Theme At The Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas Nevada

One thing about being home recuperating on a sick bed is that you get a lot of time to reflect about so much. A memory that continues to occupy my mind is the year 1998, when I began my career as a freelance decorator and personal shopper. Back then, most of my friends were after me to have a website made so that I could grow my business since it wasn't something that was really a 'thing' yet. I remember, how foreign that sounded since the internet wasn't really on the map completely yet. Who could have fathomed 'online' would be what it is now. Besides, all I cared about was creating beautiful things and helping other people live beautifully by transforming their spaces and wardrobe into something that made them feel wonderful and confident. Life was not about spending hours meticulously editing photos to portray this perfectly 'well-lived pretty life', when reality is nothing like it's presented in those tiny Instagram square frames.

As this intense thing called "life" rages swiftly by, I find myself meditating a lot more about the times when life didn't feel like a hurricane, when the twenty-four hours in the day was sufficient to get everything we needed to do accomplished, in addition to having some 'down time' left over to create things that truly nurtured our soul or unselfishly share with others our time, energy on the regular. Those fond memories and experiences make me wish I could turn back time to an era when people mattered more than social media followers and fame.

Though this space is a place that helps distract my mind from the unpleasant things and encounters of living in this me-ism society, I do realize that being able to live life simply as in times past, being able to do things that get my heart full, I need to spend more of it offline - meaning that my postings on this blog will be more sporadic than it's already been. But, I'll still occasionally be posting here, so let's stay together there. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I'll still continue to update the shop with my latest favorite finds and sales, so keep checking back!

Outfit: Leather Pants {similar here + here} | Blouse {similar here and here} | Poncho {similar here and here} | Ankle Booties {similar here, here and here} | Crossbody Bag {liking this one} | Necklace {similar here, here and here - love this one}


Grateful Moments

Blooming Cherry Blossom Trees in Springtime in New York City
1. The view of these cheery cherry blossom trees across the street at the park kept a smile on my face while sick on the couch.

Over a week ago today, I got side swiped with the worst flu virus I've ever had and it landed me in urgent care. I can't remember the last time I was this sick and felt this miserable. Most of this week was spent either completely unconscious or just staring at whatever show was on the TV screen. Talk about having no motivation - not even posting on the blog or getting dressed sounded appealing. But thank goodness for my hubby (who is now sick too) who's such a nurturing caregiver, I'm over the worst of it and hopefully I'll have this behind me/us completely by next week and resume back to a normal routine. Here's to a weekend of self-pampering and a healthy weekend.

San Francisco Parks & Recreation Colorful Artsy Trees
2. Flashing back to some of the coolest looking trees at the San Francisco Parks & Recreation reminds me of good times in beautiful California.

3. When you're feeling your worst and receive an unexpected picture text message like this from a friend that didn't even know you were sick, it's just one of the most comforting feelings.

4. Remembering an exquisite cozy night (enjoyed before the flu) makes you cherish good health and vitality even more than usual.