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Kelly Ripa's Return to LIVE! With Kelly and Michael Show Speech
Happy hump day, lovelies! Looking for a quick mental break? Here are a few links that I found intriguing around the web (some of them had been sitting on my desktop for a while).

1. Phew... boy, am I glad that this much anticipated return of Kelly Ripa back to the show - wondering how she was going to address all the madness surrounding her reaction to being 'blindsided' about Michael leaving the show that saturated the media is over. She addressed it exactly how I knew she would...with class and professionalism without cowering. #TinyButMighty.

2. Speaking of feeling relieved, one can agree that wine is an amazing antidote to any anxious care, but what if you're calorie conscious and yet in need of some vino to take the edge off? This wonderful waistline conscious wine calorie chart comes to the rescue. You're welcome.

3. For someone who despises a lot of beauty rules. I appreciated reading these 22 useless beauty tips to ignore.

4. Though I feel horizontal stripes make me appear a lot larger in photos, I'm still a sucker for them. Especially, these types of romantic stripe styles. They are perfect for the summer wardrobe.

5. Given the decline of this most important quality and one that I feel strongly about when it comes to dealing with others, I found this post on 'Kindfully + Mindfully' to be one of the most refreshingly meaningful things I've read online as of late.

6. Raise your hand (ME!) if you find doing squats boring. Come to find out, there are 9 moves that beat squats. Hooray! {Insert hallelujah emoji here}.

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