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Grateful Moments

Blooming Cherry Blossom Trees in Springtime in New York City
1. The view of these cheery cherry blossom trees across the street at the park kept a smile on my face while sick on the couch.

Over a week ago today, I got side swiped with the worst flu virus I've ever had and it landed me in urgent care. I can't remember the last time I was this sick and felt this miserable. Most of this week was spent either completely unconscious or just staring at whatever show was on the TV screen. Talk about having no motivation - not even posting on the blog or getting dressed sounded appealing. But thank goodness for my hubby (who is now sick too) who's such a nurturing caregiver, I'm over the worst of it and hopefully I'll have this behind me/us completely by next week and resume back to a normal routine. Here's to a weekend of self-pampering and a healthy weekend.

San Francisco Parks & Recreation Colorful Artsy Trees
2. Flashing back to some of the coolest looking trees at the San Francisco Parks & Recreation reminds me of good times in beautiful California.

3. When you're feeling your worst and receive an unexpected picture text message like this from a friend that didn't even know you were sick, it's just one of the most comforting feelings.

4. Remembering an exquisite cozy night (enjoyed before the flu) makes you cherish good health and vitality even more than usual.

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