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Grateful Moments

1. I love these stylish message pins so much, I've curated my favorite nine from left to right: Big Bud Red Nail Salon Pin | Whatever Forever Pin | Sad Songs Pin |  Paradise Pin | NYC Pin {an obvious choice} | Love Myself Pin {a necessary reminder} | 80's Lips Phone Pin {plus the message couldn't be any more nostalgic} | Awful Lapel Pin | Magic Mushroom Pin 

It appears that Spring might be overlooking us this year in the Northeast. The weather still calls for layers of heavy coats, tights, warm beannie hats, blanket scarves, gloves and occasionally, boots. The only good thing is that it finally stopped raining, bringing us blue skies lit with warm radiant sunlight. Whatever the weather has been in your corner of the world, may it find you well, enjoying the important moments in life: good health, loving companionship and doing something that nurtures you inside and out. Enjoy!

2. Sweet heart details like this with a gold outline on the frames of my Tiffany&Co. prescription glasses make wearing them feel more like a stylish accessory as opposed to feeling geeky.

3. Receiving this unusually cool three prong ring in the mail totally made my week.

4. I have this fascination with a well-arranged bar, especially when it's littered with candles in interesting votive candle holders throughout. Just makes me feel beyond giddy.

5. Spring might not be showing up, but I'm ready for it and summer with one of my fave seasonal items listed here. The scent makes me feel like I'm on vacation.

Other things that brought a smile to my face this week:

* Fine soft looking linen like this...

* Nostalgic item like this conveniently useful for Insta memory making...

* Did you see these? Which one is your favorite?

* Perfectly pink carrying option.

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