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Grateful Moments

1. Ceiling goal + I wouldn't mind lingering at their hip West Hollywood spot enjoying their tasty drinks and food while people watching right about now.

Although I'm still battling an annoying residual cough from having had the flu, I'm so glad to be feeling way better than I did over a week ago. The hubby and I finally did something much more exciting (besides just running errands and coming right back home) and tried this spot to satiate this strong ceviche craving I was having - although I ended up extremely disappointed with their ceviche mixto. The only consolation was their jalapeno rimmed tamarind margarita that my hubby tried was very good and at the end of our meal, the waiter surprised us with the tastiest specialty house liquor drink mixed with cream that they serve for dessert. I will go back for that as it was delicious! Hope you had a great week and have a relaxing fun weekend planned.

2. Was so glad to have gotten my sushi fixed this week. 

3. My favorite comforting cinematic speakeasy 'home away from home' that always takes me back to one of my favorite eras.

4. Oysters would be my 'last meal' request for sure. My faves are the Kumamotos.

5. This stripe pattern drawstring dress makes me look forward to warm summer days. By the way, there a lot of good sales going on right now.

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