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Chunky Gold-Tone Chain Link Collar Necklace: DIY

Thick Chunky Gold-tone Vintage Chain Link Collar Necklace {DIY}

I'm all about a good statement necklace, but it has to be the right kind, the sort that can take an everyday understated ensemble from grim to glam. A chunky gold chain link collar necklace is one of those fashion accessories. I love how it’s simple yet chic, timeless flair puts a polished touch to basic outfits instantly. Definitely a must-have item in my book. Somewhere buried in the deep crux of my mind, I've always wanted one, but at the same time, I have not been actively looking for one. But, over the winter, when this clutch's chain strap kept annoyingly hitting me in the back of my knee when I'd use it as a crossbody, that's when the brilliant idea of cutting the chain down and using part of it as a necklace dawned on me. And I finally got to tick that project off my to-do list this past week. Love when that happens!

As usual, it was as simple as 1, 2, 3. Thankfully, I already had all the items necessary in my jewelry-making drawer to complete the project in a few minutes' time. I began by placing the chain around my neck to measure the length I wanted and then marked each link at both ends of where I wanted to unhook it from the rest of the chain strap. Here's what I used to get the job done:

* Goldtone chain link (here, I'm using a bag chain strap)
*2 Jump rings  (to attach hook clasp closures)
* Two-tone round hook clasp closures
* Man power (or in my case, hubby power)

Thick Chunky Gold-tone Vintage Chain Link Collar Necklace {DIY}

The toughest part of the project was trying to pry open those chain links at the break of the links, so I enlisted the help of my hubby's muscle power to open those suckers up for me at each end. Basically, grab onto your chain link where you're going to add your jump ring and clasp/hook closure on each side using a pair of pliers (I covered the tips with felt or rubber bands to prevent them from marking the chain links), open the link by moving the ends in opposite directions, one toward you and one away from you. Don't open them by pulling the ends away from each other because it will distort the jump and/or chain ring.

Thick Chunky Gold-tone Vintage Chain Link Collar Necklace {DIY}

Thick Chunky Gold-tone Vintage Chain Link Collar Necklace {DIY}

Once you slide in your jump ring and hook closures of your necklace-to-be on both sides, close the jump ring the same way, by moving the ends back toward each other. Make sure to securely close the opening completely by tightening the opening to prevent it from coming apart once worn. I only used one jump ring on each end of my necklace - with the jump ring and hook closures from one end to the next, it measures perfectly 17" long. And voila! An instant new chunky gold-tone chain collar necklace that cost me $0 to show off against bare necklines. I consider it a 'vintage piece' since it's from an old clutch bag.

Though it's nice to purchase things, there's a level of fulfillment and happiness that can't be matched when you're wearing something that you made yourself. I'm very happy with my DIY for now, knowing it's one of those jewelry items that doesn't come cheap, especially for a really good quality piece. Speaking of which, this style option couldn't be a more perfect choice for the spring/summer season.

Thick Chunky Gold-tone Vintage Chain Link Collar Necklace {DIY}

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