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Favorite Links Around The Web {Fitness + NY vs LA}

Favorite Links Around The Web {Fitness + NY vs LA} + Fitness Gifts

1. This YouTube fitness channel has quickly become one of my go-to's for the quickest, yet effective workouts to getting into shape in no time. 

2. I've been in love with this outdoor pallet seating idea for as long as I can remember. I mean, how inviting is this outdoor space! I just love ingenious ideas like that.

3. Not being naturally photogenic, I'm always interested in tips on how to take flattering photos every time.

4. I could not stop laughing and wholeheartedly agree when I read this article about 5 things I learned moving from NY to LA and thought the comparable ideological differences of both places to be right on.

5. The best and greatest tips (I know, because they work for me) of what to eat the next time you're on your period.

6. Hating the fact, I no longer can eat whatever I want without exercising, has me on the hunt for the fastest ways to keep in some kind of normal shape. These 14 Easy ways to increase metabolism, burn more calories and lose weight fast without spending hours at the gym, is my kind of jam. 

In other news...

Speaking of working out, I thought this kit would make a great gift to that fitness fanatic in your life.

Net-A-Porter is having up to 60% off sale right now - making me realize that I need to update these shopping sales alert.

Love the graphics on these cozy sweatshirts here and here.

Would you do this DIY?

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