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Grateful Moments

Grateful Moments - Gratitude Journal - Blog Post
1. This pretty polka-dot umbrella is exactly what I need 
for a dose of cheer on gloomy days.

The weekend is upon us! It's a special one at that, as it will kick off an early start of a week long celebration of our upcoming wedding anniversary. We will be inhabiting a sumptuously furnished residence harking back to an age gone by for several days at one of the world's most prestigious castles nestled in luxuriously vast gardens. The most strenuous activities will include (but not limited to;) eating, sleeping, stepping into a limo for a day of serene driving through vineyards for wine sipping and an afternoon picnic. Certainly looking forward to spending hours unplugged, forgetting about the trivial things in life and appreciating living in the moment away from all the city noise with the one that I love, as we plan the new chapter of our life together. Hope your Friday/weekend is off to a good start.

Grateful Moments Post-Gratitude Journal-Appreciate the little things
2. Flashback Friday - relaxing night at our little 
West Hollywood airbnb apartment after a long day.

Grateful Moment-Gratitude Journal-Appreciate the little things
3. An art surprise such as this proves that you should always bring your phone along to the ladies' powder room at Restaurants. You never know what you'll be stumbling upon. [Wide open alarmed eyes emoji]

Grateful Moments-Gratitude Journal
4. I'm always surprised and happy to see individuals 
my color in famous "IT" magazines.

Grateful Moments-Gratitude Journal
5. Another summer open road trip on the horizon.

P.S. Have you seen these yet? 


Building A New Wardrobe One Favorite Fashion Find At A Time

Nordstrom Sale Favorite Fashion Finds to build a new wardrobe with

In the last couple of years, I've been slowly ridding my closet of clothes that have been with me for way too long. Though they have served me well, I've either fallen out of love with most of those items or they no longer fit me well anymore. My goal is to have my closet cleaned out to its bare bones with only key pieces that serve as building blocks to make getting dressed a cinch and exciting once again. And that my friend, means buying a few core staples that will serve as the foundation to many outfit options as opposed to a bunch of senseless pieces that really don't go with anything. Scrolling through all the beautiful lust-worthy styles from the Nordstrom Sale has definitely gotten me motivated to see that process through, come what may this year. The older I get, the more selective and discretionary of what I buy I've become. So obviously, I'm not going to purchase everything on my wishlist in one fell swoop. Curating one's wardrobe should be carefully done, building it with true to yourself items that are not just stylish, but classy, timeless and most importantly, pieces that make you feel pretty good about yourself. These favorite fashion finds are a few of what I'd like to start off with.


All Ruffled Up in LA

All Ruffled Up in LA - Retro Summer Lifestyle in Los Angeles- American Eagle Skinny Jeans - Retro mirrored Sunglasses
"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Sometimes in order to maintain some kind of sanity you have to know when to disconnect and change scenery. For me, I find a quick getaway to the hills of LA makes a big difference in shifting my thoughts. Simple things like driving around and exploring the beautiful bougainvillea-filled neighborhoods, getting a birds eye view of the valley after a mind-clearing hike all the way to the top of one of the hills, or enjoying a quiet picnic with a good book to read under the majestic trees in a park where the only sounds you hear other than the rustling of the trees are whispers of your own thoughts, give me the opportunity to completely allow my mind to wander and float in the clouds. At times, that's all I need to help me momentarily escape the stresses of the mundane things of everyday life.

All Ruffled Up in LA - Retro Summer Lifestyle in Los Angeles- American Eagle Skinny Jeans - Retro mirrored Sunglasses

All Ruffled Up in LA - Retro Summer Lifestyle in Los Angeles- American Eagle Skinny Jeans - Retro mirrored Sunglasses

Ruffle Top {old - similar here and here} | American Eagle Super Stretch Skinnies {I cut off the hems for subtle fraying - similar here and here} | Ivanka Trump Strappy Sandals {old - similar here, here and here} | Quilted Flap Shoulder Bag {old - similar here and here} | Long Gold Pendant Necklace {gifted - similar} | Mirrored Retro Sunnies {old - similar here, here and here} | Blush Pink Skinny Belt {old - similar here, here and here}

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Grateful Moments {Why I haven't Posted It in a While...}

Runyon Canyon Overlook Los Angeles California
1. Overlooking L.A. from Runyon Canyon
on a particularly hot summer day.

Happy Friday! I know it has been a while since I have done a 'Grateful Moments' post. It's not because there haven't been things to be grateful for. To be honest, between watching the world scene unraveling at its seams at a much quicker pace than it's already been combined with being around people that just suck the life out of you, I'm completely sapped of my personal, emotional, physical and creative strength. Although I appreciate living in an era that people only want to think positively, (which is good and I'm one hundred percent for it), however, the weight of the time period we are living in is just too heavy to live like an ostrich unfazed with my head in the sand just because bad things aren't happening to me personally. I basically felt bad counting my blessings, while knowing that there are so many precious lives in the world are currently agonizing over tragic losses. So the idea of pretending to be happy living my life (concerned with just my own little world) as if unaffected by what is happening around me for the sake of maintaining a certain facade of happiness on the site, isn't part of my makeup. Knowing that I can't be the only one feeling this way, I thought I'd share my feelings here so that others feeling the same way won't feel that they're alone. Simultaneously, I also do realize one antidote to not being swallowed up by sadness is by remaining conscious of the blessings we still have. After all, an appreciative heart helps us to go on despite any distressing events that we may face. So in an attempt to retain a grateful and lighter heart, I decide to continue reminding myself of the good moments in my life.

Kabuki Sushi Hollywood LA Deep Fried Ice Cream
2. An igloo formation of this delicious deep fried 
ice cream on sizzling hot plate at Kabuki.

LIVE! With Kelly Mug July 2016
3. Made a specific trip to the LIVE! studio just to get this mug
before a new co-host slides back into the chair permanently.

Picnic in Griffith Park Los Angeles California on a Summer Afternoon
4. Did a little head clearing under the shady trees 
of Griffith Park reading a favorite magazine.

Dutch Kills Bar Drink
5. Love discovering new neighborhood spots
with drink combinations that have unexpected ingredients.

Other things that lightened my heart this week:

* A much needed affirmation given an upcoming big leap I'm about to take soon.

* The only jeans that I'd love to see sitting in my closet.

* Passive aggressive notes so good you can't even be mad. They were all very funny, some of my favorites were #6, 8, 9 and 11.

* Are you going to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today?

* Currently on my wishlist

Have a wonderful weekend!


7 Perfect Sale Items for Fall

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Favorite Fall Picks

After much anticipation (and curating a list of favorites), Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale finally opens to the public tomorrow. These are the seven perfect sale items I'm fancying for this fall. Pieces like, this cool Kendra Scott double finger ring, Long cardigan, dresses, intricate cuff bracelet, ribbed funnel neck top, long trench vest, and open-toe booties.

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Long Sleeveless Trench Vests

Ribbed Funnel Neck Tops


The Game Is Rigged

Multicolor Lace Top-Chunky Link Collar Necklace-Dark Denim Shorts-Perspective on Life-Quotes

IS WHEN YOU find the courage 

Right now, as you are reading this, are you feeling frustrated wondering why is it that 'I can't seem to get ahead even though I bust my hump like most successful people?' If yes, take a deep breath - it's time for a little reflection. Every now and again it's good to step away from everything to take time to reflect, for it can breathe new perspective and totally improve your outlook on life in general. I did just that this past weekend. After a good meaningful conversation with the hubby, I made peace with the fact that living in this world society is like playing poker with someone who has rigged the deck. You will never be able to beat someone like that, because the cards are stacked against you. It is the same with the way this world is setup. No matter how ambitious you are, or how hard you work, you will never have the same wealth or power or fame as those who control it. You may do better than most (at the cost of sacrificing the most important things in life), but in the end, the cards are stacked against you. Accepting the reality of that fact helps one to let go of what you can't change and redirect one's energy towards things that really matter, like spending quality time with your spouse, true friends, children, and most important - God, instead of expending energy to compete, trying to prove your worth to people who could care less about you just to acquire things that are fleeting. One of the happiest moments in life is being able to know your value without having to prove that to anyone else, especially in a day and age where most work so tirelessly to get ahead by making others feel less talented or less important than them. Always remember, the game is rigged.


Sleek Seventies

Sleek Seventies 70s Style- wearing Christian Siriano Snakeskin Wedges-Guess Bella Bella Flare Jeans-Uniqlo Button Down Shirt

There's no doubt I have a sweet spot for the sleek seventies revival style. I love it for several reasons: One) it's eye-catching, two) the graceful silhouettes of the clothes give such a sense of easy elegance to your style that feels very feminine, and three) I especially appreciate how the modern bell bottom jeans give my petite frame the illusion of having longer legs. This beautifully sunny and breezy California afternoon inspired me to channel my seventies' fashion mood for a casual lunch date with clients at the Polo lounge. Both the stretch and the dark indigo color on these high-rise bell bottom jeans made them super slimming and comfortable to move in. I teamed them with a classic lavender button-down shirt, simple chunky link collar necklace and snakeskin wedges.

Sleek Seventies 70s Style- wearing Christian Siriano Snakeskin Wedges-Guess Bella Bella Flare Jeans-Uniqlo Button Down Shirt

Sleek Seventies 70s Style- wearing Christian Siriano Snakeskin Wedges-Guess Bella Bella Flare Jeans-Uniqlo Button Down Shirt

When I packed the jeans, I completely forgot to pack the wedges that are much higher than the snakeskin worn with this outfit, thus the reason why they're sweeping the floors here (sigh...shorty's problems). Although I got these jeans in petite, they were still too long. I've since had my tailor hemmed them up a bit so I can wear them with the same wedges on days that I don't want to wear higher ones, this way the jeans can just graze the floor, instead of sweeping them.

Sleek Seventies 70s Style- wearing Christian Siriano Snakeskin Wedges-Guess Bella Bella Flare Jeans-Uniqlo Button Down Shirt

Sleek Seventies 70s Style- wearing Christian Siriano Snakeskin Wedges-Guess Bella Bella Flare Jeans-Uniqlo Button Down Shirt

Guess Bell Bottom Jeans {on sale - similar here, here and here and other favorites here} |  Button Down Shirt {similar here and here} | Christian Siriano Snakeskin Wedges {similar} | Round Retro Sunnies {similar} | Quilted Shoulder Bag {similar here, here and here} | Chunky Chain Link Collar Necklace  {similar here and here}

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Wishing you a nice, easy, and stress-free week! Thanks for reading.


Nordstrom Pre-Anniversary Annual Sale Alert

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 #NSALE

Since the most anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts next Thursday on July 14th, I already started perusing their sale products noting a few favorite selections that I'd like to get either for myself or as gifts.  A practical item like this one would make a nice hostess gift. What makes shopping Nordstrom online less apprehensive for me is their free shipping and returns policy that is super easy. For instance, I purchased three items out of the four on this list, I ended up needing to exchange the trench for a smaller size. All I did was fill out the form that came with my shipment and received my exchanged item in two days without any hitch. Loved that!

MAGGY LONDON ILLUSION YOKE CREPE SHEATH DRESSAside from the electrifying blue color of this dress, the mesh detail softly gathered at the neckline had me at hello. Can't think of a better dress to transition my wardrobe to mainly dresses.

MARC FISHER LTD 'TIFFY' POINTY TOE MULE: I'm looking to re-introduce mules back into my wardrobe - the sleek style and color of this particular one is perfect for fall. 

CATHY'S CONCEPTS MONOGRAM SQUARE CANVAS BIN: I've been wanting some sort of bin to corral things in the trunk of our car, but didn't want some generic plastic one. Once I saw this lovely monogram canvas bin, I knew it was the perfect fit.

TORY BURCH FLAME - QUILT NYLON TRAIN CASE: Recently, as I was packing and squeezing my toiletries into my traveling beauty case, I realized it's time for me to upgrade to a prettier and much roomier one. Then, I locked eyes with the pretty intricate latticework design on this Tory Burch's version and immediately fell in love. I just wish it came in blush (with blush and white polka dot details on the inside;-) wouldn't that be amazing?) as well. 

NORDSTROM AT HOME 'LENA' COMFORTER: I definitely will be reverting back to comforters as I had in the beginning of my married life, as they deliver the same fluffy look when they're turned down on the bed without all the fuss of duvets. I'm done fussing with duvet inserts that slide all over the place, making the edges look all uneven. The cheery color and the raised coral apricot stripes on this number is just so charming.

CATHY'S CONCEPTS MONOGRAM BEDSIDE WATER CARAFE SET:  Eleven years ago, I purchased a similar carafe set for our guest room and it still comes in handy when guests spend the night with us, but I'd like one for our own room. I can't think of anything that feels so luxe and special than having a personalized set sitting on the side of the bed on my mirrored nightstand.

CASLON LINEN TIE FRONT CROP PANTS: I'm not much of a sweatpants for traveling kinda of gal.  However, my skinny jeans are starting to not be my faves to travel in anymore. The comfortable relaxed look of these linen crop pants are exactly what I need for my next travels.

CHINESE LAUNDRY 'KELSO' OPEN BACK BOOTIE: I've been eyeing these since last year. I really liked them in the grey color. Anyone that knows me well, would say without a doubt that they are "very me." So, they are a must-get this year. Another perfect transitional wardrobe addition for the fall.


Modern Casual Boho

There's nothing quite like the Vegas heat. I couldn't think of better apparel choices (I mean, besides g-strings and pasties ;-) other than wispy feminine details like lace and crochet fabrics to contend with that scorching sun when we made a quick stop there last week. The combination of the lightweight crochet top layered over a floral tank for a pop of color with the lace bell bottoms not only made for the most comfortably breezy outfit on an otherwise uncomfortable summer day, but I also like how the ensemble unintentionally lent itself to a modern casual boho vibe.