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Building A New Wardrobe One Favorite Fashion Find At A Time

Nordstrom Sale Favorite Fashion Finds to build a new wardrobe with

In the last couple of years, I've been slowly ridding my closet of clothes that have been with me for way too long. Though they have served me well, I've either fallen out of love with most of those items or they no longer fit me well anymore. My goal is to have my closet cleaned out to its bare bones with only key pieces that serve as building blocks to make getting dressed a cinch and exciting once again. And that my friend, means buying a few core staples that will serve as the foundation to many outfit options as opposed to a bunch of senseless pieces that really don't go with anything. Scrolling through all the beautiful lust-worthy styles from the Nordstrom Sale has definitely gotten me motivated to see that process through, come what may this year. The older I get, the more selective and discretionary of what I buy I've become. So obviously, I'm not going to purchase everything on my wishlist in one fell swoop. Curating one's wardrobe should be carefully done, building it with true to yourself items that are not just stylish, but classy, timeless and most importantly, pieces that make you feel pretty good about yourself. These favorite fashion finds are a few of what I'd like to start off with.

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