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Grateful Moments

Grateful Moments - Gratitude Journal - Blog Post
1. This pretty polka-dot umbrella is exactly what I need 
for a dose of cheer on gloomy days.

The weekend is upon us! It's a special one at that, as it will kick off an early start of a week long celebration of our upcoming wedding anniversary. We will be inhabiting a sumptuously furnished residence harking back to an age gone by for several days at one of the world's most prestigious castles nestled in luxuriously vast gardens. The most strenuous activities will include (but not limited to;) eating, sleeping, stepping into a limo for a day of serene driving through vineyards for wine sipping and an afternoon picnic. Certainly looking forward to spending hours unplugged, forgetting about the trivial things in life and appreciating living in the moment away from all the city noise with the one that I love, as we plan the new chapter of our life together. Hope your Friday/weekend is off to a good start.

Grateful Moments Post-Gratitude Journal-Appreciate the little things
2. Flashback Friday - relaxing night at our little 
West Hollywood airbnb apartment after a long day.

Grateful Moment-Gratitude Journal-Appreciate the little things
3. An art surprise such as this proves that you should always bring your phone along to the ladies' powder room at Restaurants. You never know what you'll be stumbling upon. [Wide open alarmed eyes emoji]

Grateful Moments-Gratitude Journal
4. I'm always surprised and happy to see individuals 
my color in famous "IT" magazines.

Grateful Moments-Gratitude Journal
5. Another summer open road trip on the horizon.

P.S. Have you seen these yet? 

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