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Teal Blue Leather Dining Chairs+Slat Wood Walls+Tin Tiles Wall
1. Was left inspired by this visually stimulating 
decor view from our corner spot for lunch.

This weekend marks the end of a long chapter in our life and commences a whole new one starting with an end of summer road trip. I'm so grateful for several things right now, but two in particular: 1) I'm glad we're finally saying adieu to August, so looking forward to fall and 2) I'm most grateful for a new beginning full of positive changes on the horizon. Here's to the future because I'm done with the past.

Feast For The Eyes Museum Exhibition + Quote About The Past
2. Feast For The Eyes exhibition 
was my favorite at the museum + the most 
apropos quote right now.

3. Pretty cool coincidence: nail polish and shoes 
blending with the floor.

4. Timeliest sweet treats brought to our room 
upon our arrival at our hotel.

5. An incredibly simple change, such as applying this lily flower 
to an ordinary sketchbook gives it such a lovely touch.

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