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The Platinum Anniversary Year

The Platinum Wedding Anniversary Year + His & Hers Platinum Wedding Bands_Rings

As my dear Kelly Ripa always says, "every anniversary is the diamond anniversary", to which I of course completely agree. And in our case this year, it is the diamond anniversary. Well, the platinum anniversary year to be exact. I can hardly believe it or say it out loud, but today IS our 20th wedding anniversary!!! [covering eyes emoji] I've been in complete disbelief as we inched closer and closer to this day. In all honestly though, it all feels like yesterday. We sure have accomplished a lot in those years. One of the questions we get asked often is: what's the secret? Other than the six keys I previously shared here, for us, it just has been a matter of creating and collecting memories of travel, adventure, change, laughter (a lot of laughter), and maintaining a forgiving kind of love, instead of letting upsets make us abandon our commitment and forfeit everything that we have already invested in our marriage. So at the end of each year, we look back on the distance we have already covered in our journey together - allowing such great memories and experiences to fill our hearts with gratitude, helping us to realize that effort brings rewards.

And for this anniversary celebration, we're continuing to do just that - collecting more memories by spending it somewhere romantic that is as unique and perfect as our commitment that we made to each other and to our marriage twenty years ago.

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