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So Long, For Now

So Long, For Now_Take a break for a moment_Quote

I've been agonizing over the decision to take a break from blogging or to delete this site altogether for over a year now. Between currently trying to piece our lives back together in our new place after our long move from New York to the West on top of full-time commitments, my mind is so scrambled I'm in dire need of a sabbatical to reboot and recharge my creative thoughts. As bittersweet as it is, I hate not being able to keep a consistent posting schedule, which also has become mentally exhausting/upsetting, as I spend restless nights thinking about content that I didn't have time to post, after-hours being spent into putting them together.

When I started blogging back in 2010, I loved having an outlet to keep my creative juices flowing, a place and space to use as an inspiration board to keep inspired, share tips, and connect with like-minded creatives. Spending hours taking photos, choosing which photos were worth sharing, editing them (when necessary), and writing till the wee hours of the morning never felt like a burden. In fact, I have loved every minute of creating a beautiful site to share things I love and an extension of expressing my own style aesthetic. It's definitely been a way of relaxing and keeping me in a happy place. Suffice to say, writing posts was something I constantly looked forward to. Up until recently, I realize I've been spending more time thinking about how behind on my posts I am and more time feeling frustratingly sad, rather than concentrating on a whole other world of responsibilities outside this tiny online space. So it's so long, for now. It's with a very heavy heart that I'm even writing this post since this online space has for years helped me cope with many difficult moments in my life, as it's always been a means that helped keep me in a bubble by focusing only on the beautiful things and experiences in life. I already miss being on here, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do for the sake of keeping sane. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to getting our life back by putting together a beautiful space for us to call home again.

So long on the blog for now_Give Yourself Permission To say yes to your well-being _Quote

That said, don't go abandoning me just yet. Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter, as I will continue to share some #instagoodphotos there.

Until next time. Wish you all the coziest of fall and warmest winter!

                                  P.S. Some fall items that I'm currently swooning over:


Charlie's Secret Garden

The Charlie Boutique Hotel in Hollywood_West Hollywood California

Even though I've already said 'adieu to summer', which really doesn't officially end until this Thursday, I couldn't think of a more perfect pair of pants and setting to close out my summer outfits with. I'm not one who follows prescribed fashion rules; I allow my mood/environment to dictate my outfit picks the majority of times, as is the case here (roaming around in Charlie's secret garden) when the hubby made the brilliant decision of foregoing a stay at one of our favorite L.A. hotels, in lieu of The Charlie.


It's a hidden gem of fourteen English Bungalows inconspicuously nestled so perfectly right in the heart of West Hollywood. It's tucked away in a regular neighborhood, so you'd never realize it's there just strolling down the street. Behind beautiful vintage barn wood gates, you are lead into an amazing open paving stones courtyard oasis amidst trees and vines, enchanted by the sound of soothing water fountains and birds. As soon as I drove onto the property and stepped into our little bungalow, I did not want to leave. Since I fantasize of the days of Hollywood's golden ages, I was overjoyed to have had the chance to escape into this exclusive private hideaway where you get a taste of what's it's like to live behind those exclusive gates of the rich and famous.

Lemon Print Crop Pant "The Audrey" (on sale!) | Zara Off-the-Shoulder Top (similar) | Vince Camuto Heels (similar - love this one; a perfect fall color)

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Happy Monday! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!


Playful Printed Caftan Dress

JLo Summer 2016 Embellished Printed Caftan Dress

I would say, rejuvenated, energized, gratified and lighthearted are some of the emotions I feel the minute I'm in California. It always feels like an endless summer, which never fails to put me in a relaxed state of mind. Being inspired by the laid-back atmosphere, I couldn't think of a better choice than this distinctively playful printed caftan dress for a luncheon date in Newport Beach last week. Its chic, unrestrained, comfortable style combined with the embellished details, just seemed elemental with the right amount of glam that I'm drawn to. Basically, an ensemble that reflects my spirited personality in all of its glory. {Insert the winking face emoji here}

JLo Caftan Dress {on major sale - I'd like to get this one, this one and this one} | Vince Camuto Heels {similar} | Kate Spade OOTD Mint Clutch {similar here, herehere, and this is also another great option} | Chunky Chain Link Collar Necklace x Yours Truly {similar here and here} | Rx Sunglasses {similar here, here and here}

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Life Choices Quote - Chances_Changes_Choices- Make your own choice and be happy with it

Instead of hating or feeling jealous of someone else's life, focus on your life and the choices that you've made. Don't let yourself become so fixated on someone's personal choices to the point of feeling contempt towards that person. It may be time for you to make necessary changes. If you have time to focus and judge someone for their decisions, then you have time to focus on your own choices. After all, the life that you have lived are the choices you have made, the chances you took. 

Happy Hump Day!


Pretty Little Delicate Lingerie Lace Details

Pretty Sexy Little Delicate Lingerie Lace Details - You are beautiful in your own skin

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she's beautiful.

Whenever I start slipping into a mental funk of feeling less feminine or less sexy (especially, when my summer cocktail consumption has me weighing a little bit more than my petite frame can support, as if I'm with child), instead of letting myself totally go into that place of no return, I head to a couple of my favorite lingerie stores and pick me up some pretty little delicate feminine things. There's a femininity to lace's delicate look that just evokes such a sensuous romantic feeling. From  little lacy delicates, sexy sets and intimate sleepwear to everyday pretty lace lingerie, you can't help but feel sexy instantly by slipping into one. Even a simple thing as putting on a pair of silk pajamas after a nice bath before bed, has the power to make you feel a lot more attractive. It's the fragility of this romantic textile that is equally suggestive and sensual. And what better day on this Labor Day to get some of these goodies for less prices.

From left to right:  1 // 2// 3// 4// 5// 6//

Even though it doesn't melt away the extra pounds or take away the cause of feeling unbecoming completely, in the interim, it does the trick in helping me reconnect with my body - pushing me to get back into shape a lot quicker. How about you - what helps you to not develop an unhealthy feeling about your body when you're not in your best shape?

Next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in.