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Four Key Quotes to a Happy Life

4 Keys To A Happy Life - Happiness Quote Reminders

You may have noticed on here that I’m big on using quotes.  I look at them as having a sensible grandmother whispering wise sage advice in my ears as I stand alongside her in the kitchen, while she passes down a favorite recipe from generations past - which is something I've yearned for pretty much all my life. You know, those grandmas you either read about in books, heard of, and/or watched on television doling out precious anecdotes you need for every life situation. Given that I’m not that fortunate to be blessed with one - the closest best thing is my extensive collection of inspirational quotes (for every possible topic) that resonate with me filed in different journals, and on my iPad mini, my iPhone, my desktop under individual folders like: “self-help,” “friendship,” “happiness,” “gratitude,” “encouragement,” “reminders,” etc… And you better believe I refer to those folders often.  Let’s face it, there are certain quotes that are the perfect piece of advice that either motivates you to change, take an action, and/or adjust your perspective forever. I especially find the visual of a picture + quote combo even more inspiring, so I also create quite a few of them. Given the season of life, I’m currently in, I needed to remind myself of these four key quotes to a happy life. Simple, yet powerful and who of us doesn't need a good reminder every now and then on how to be happy?



That Pink Door in Palm Springs_Floral high-low Hem Flutter bell sleeves Maxi Spring and summer dress

That Pink Door in Palm Springs_Floral high-low Hem Flutter bell sleeves Maxi Spring and summer dress

That Pink Door in Palm Springs_Floral high-low Hem Flutter bell sleeves Maxi Spring and summer dress

That Pink Door in Palm Springs_Floral high-low Hem Flutter bell sleeves Maxi Spring and summer dress

That Pink Door in Palm Springs_Floral high-low Hem Flutter bell sleeves Maxi Spring and summer dress

One of the top clothing items that I hunt for to add as a trophy for my closet and travel bag is loose, billowy maxi dresses. Especially ones with special details such as the v-neckline, high-low hem, and short flutter bell sleeves on this floral print dress. The ease of which these can be dressed up or down making them the must-have spring/summer wardrobe staple and the perfect travel companion. I also love how the light airiness of wearing one makes me feel free and unencumbered.

On another note: I forget what I was googling for while we were in Palm Springs and accidentally stumbled upon that pink door. As uncomfortable as we both felt standing in front of someone's house taking photos, the pretty bright pink door made the opportunity too good to just pass up. And being that I have a thing for bright front doors, this once in a lifetime experience had to happen. So we rushed around like crazy taking quick shots without properly setting up so as not to frighten the homeowners. It was not until days later that I found out that Palm Springs's famous pink door is an actual Instagram destination with its own account - meaning the owners themselves welcome strangers from all over to take photos in front of their home. Oh well! Now I know for next time. If there is a next time!

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Palm Springs Travel Guide What to Do_Where to Stay_Korakia_Where to Eat

Palm Springs Travel Guide_Where to Stay_Korakia_Where to Eat_What to Do

Where to Stay_What to Do_Where to Eat and Shop in Palm Springs

Beckabella Style Travel Guide_Where to Eat_Where to Stay_What to Do in Palm Springs

Korakia Villas Courtyards in Palm Springs

Korakia Spa Retreat Courtyard Breakfast

Restaurant Sopa L'horizon Hotel in Palm Springs

As promised, here’s a roundup of several of our favorite places from our recent getaway in Palm Springs.

Where to Stay*:

Whether it’s your first time to Palm Springs or a pilgrimage back, if you're looking for a healing experience, I highly suggest Korakia for your accommodations. It’s one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating hideaway resorts we’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in. The rooms are free of any distractions such as televisions and telephones. Most of the suites offer full kitchens, wood-burning fireplaces and WiFi availability. They also provide bicycles to check out and ride around town.

Where to Eat:

We loved 849 for their modern hip uptown chic decor with west coast style modern cuisine for a lingering afternoon lunch on the patio. It’s not a place to go if you are in a rush. I highly recommend the lobster roll, the truffle grilled cheese and the must-have sweetest indulgent - the peanut butter nanaimo bar. Another favorite lunch spot was Trio – housed in a midcentury building offering a diverse menu full of flavorful food from Midwestern comfort food and Asian-inspired fare to California contemporary cuisine at amazingly good prices. We particularly enjoyed the Caesar salad, the sole over a bed of couscous and capers – rounding it out with the raspberry sorbet and/or brownie atop with a scoop of ice cream. For a more refined dining, Sopa at L’horizon hotel is a swanky choice for a sophisticated dinner night out. Its unique al fresco dining design is very Beverly Hills.

Where to Shop:

There is a ton of shopping right on Palm Canyon drive, within walking distance from your stay at Korakia. My favorites from our exploration worth highlighting are: The Frippery (run by the nicest lady) is a quintessential old Hollywood lifestyle boutique filled with beautifully colorful collection of vintage pieces, where I picked up a couple of one-of-a-kind vintage dresses. Revivals Resale Mart is also another great choice for a good selection of coffee table books.

What to Do:

Relax! Or if you’re the active explorer type (like us), take out one of the bikes for a leisurely ride and explore the quiet desert surroundings.

If you’re like me and love to find that one-of-a-kind item for your home, there are a ton of charming clothing and vintage shops filled with collections of yesteryear gems perfect to add charm to your home and thereby remind you of your vacation with fond memories.

In the early evenings, sit around the fire pit where you’ll potentially have the most beautiful encounters.

Catch up on some reading by taking advantage of those bougainvillea covered courtyards with a favorite book/magazine.

Play Bacci ball if you so wish for a quick pastime before dinner.

Instead of going out for dinner, you can have dinner delivered right to the villas, at a table prepared just for your dining pleasure by the lovely ladies of Korakia, who will set up a table as romantic as your heart desires, to dine under the stars in one of the amazing courtyards.

Or grab your bottle of champagne/wine around 7pm’ish and head out to watch a classic old Hollywood film under the stars right there on the premises, while lounging on the comfortable colorful Moroccan cushions strewn on the deck area for your relaxing pleasure.

Sitting by the pool area on one of those cushioned benches with a glass of champagne meditating is always one of the best ways to help release a sigh of relief, as you let go of all unpleasant thoughts and embrace the moment of solitude.

*This is not a sponsored post nor did I receive any compensation for it (as much as I'd wish). It’s just a girl who loves to share a good thing when she finds it.


A Classic Trench Coat Fit for a Fashionista

Spring-Must Have - Transitional Wardrobe Piece - THe Trench Coat

A great well-fitting trench coat is one of my favorite transitional staples to have in my coat closet, because it can pull together a look that's lacking in other areas. It's also the easiest way to make even a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit seem a lot more polished aaand they last a lifetime! This makes it one of the best season-less and versatile purchases every stylish lady can make. Below are a couple of great ones at every price point to choose from.

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