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Four Key Quotes to a Happy Life

4 Keys To A Happy Life - Happiness Quote Reminders

You may have noticed on here that I’m big on using quotes.  I look at them as having a sensible grandmother whispering wise sage advice in my ears as I stand alongside her in the kitchen, while she passes down a favorite recipe from generations past - which is something I've yearned for pretty much all my life. You know, those grandmas you either read about in books, heard of, and/or watched on television doling out precious anecdotes you need for every life situation. Given that I’m not that fortunate to be blessed with one - the closest best thing is my extensive collection of inspirational quotes (for every possible topic) that resonate with me filed in different journals, and on my iPad mini, my iPhone, my desktop under individual folders like: “self-help,” “friendship,” “happiness,” “gratitude,” “encouragement,” “reminders,” etc… And you better believe I refer to those folders often.  Let’s face it, there are certain quotes that are the perfect piece of advice that either motivates you to change, take an action, and/or adjust your perspective forever. I especially find the visual of a picture + quote combo even more inspiring, so I also create quite a few of them. Given the season of life, I’m currently in, I needed to remind myself of these four key quotes to a happy life. Simple, yet powerful and who of us doesn't need a good reminder every now and then on how to be happy?
Four Keys To A Happy Life

1.      Find Contentment - True, although reaching a goal or obtaining something we have desired can make us happy, that kind of happiness can be fleeting as it often leaves one always wanting more and ultimately leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Hence, why this quote: "Be happy with what you have while working for what you want." is a good reminder that happiness comes from recognizing and enjoying what we do have, instead of focusing on what we don't have.

Four Keys to a happy life

2. Cultivate Love For Other People - The book Social Psychology says: People's feelings about their relationships have a bigger impact on their overall satisfaction with their lives than do their job, income, community, or even physical health." Simply put, in order to be truly happy, as humans we need to give and receive love. So never be so busy as not to think of others, including those who can't do anything for you in return. 

Four Keys to a Happy Life

3. Build Resilience - This quote is one that I definitely will be pasting on my computer and inspiration board, especially as of late. Obstacles are inevitable in this life just as feeling discouraged over such trials, but the key is to keep on enduring without giving up. Super difficult to do. However, amazing things happen when you do not give up, even though you want to. As a result, we build resilience which helps us to get through the rough times, and bounce back from adversity.

Four Keys to a happy life

4. Avoid Envy - Envy is defined as 'the painful resentment toward others because of their belongings, prosperity, and advantages, accompanied by a desire to deprive that one of such advantages.' Like a malignant growth, envy can take over one’s life and destroy happiness. However, appreciating the value, the abilities and good qualities of others is a great antidote to combating an envious streak. And how sobering is this above quote: "Envy is the art of counting another's blessings instead of your own." Imagine what a waste of time and energy it is to spend your precious limited life focusing solely on someone else's blessings while completely missing out on your own abilities and gifts.

How about you - what are some quotes that you'd say you think are key to a happy life? 
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