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1. First summer travel essential 

Happy Friday, guys! I know you’re probably wondering if I were ever going to write another grateful moments post since I’ve not written one in a while. Honestly though, If I had to describe how life has been the last eight months or so in one word, it would be juggling. But more like a manic juggler who has no skills at catching any of the balls coming down on him. Sometimes real life obligations, even for the most organized person (like myself), can just leave you feeling scattered and overwhelmed to say the least. And often, that overwhelming feeling can just be paralyzing, as it often sends the mind reeling. “I’m so behind on everything, I’ll never get it all done, "I can’t get myself together…",  "I’m such a failure…” That’s why having a good number of self-motivating quotes framed and hung all around my place serve as great reminders for me during those moments. Quotes such as, “Stop freaking out! Fix it if you can, if you can’t, go to sleep and try again tomorrow.” Or “Keep going. Every day is a new day with a fresh start from what you learned yesterday.” I find it to be one of the simplest ways to get the nudge needed to keep going. Thus today, is another day.

2. The perfect colorful touch to summer evening outfits 

4. One of the several items available from "Shop My Closet

5. Nothing warms my heart more than a card from a friend expressing gratitude

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