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Grateful Moments

Beckabella West Coast Rental
1.      Very soon, we’ll be packing up these current corner details

Happy long weekend, you guys! How is it that it’s not only already Friday, but Memorial Day weekend to boot?! One word: crazyyy! These last several weeks have just been a whirlwind, and honestly, there’s no end to this runaway train in sight. With several extended summer vacations on the horizon, I’m both excited and a tiny bit anxious at the same, since I’ve yet to think/prepare as to what I’m packing and still need to get some items ordered before the dates just spring up on me. Right now, just for the sake of keeping sane, I’m going to only focus on the present moment, like going for drinks with a girlfriend tonight. Can’t wait to just sit still, talk, sip and giggle the madness away. And tomorrow, I’ll worry about the other events we have to attend over the weekend. But before I leave you for now, here’s a glimpse of what made my week. Wishing you all a calm, relaxing, and safe weekend!

Create Notebook_ Be creative
2.      That moment when I found this sitting on my desk from the hubby - one of the sweetest surprises of the week!
The art of saying thank you_ Show appreciation3.      Nothing warms my heart more than an appreciative friend

Vince Camuto Blush Crossbody Bag Perfect for traveling
4.      love this bag in the blush color! The perfect crossbody travel bag.

Be You tiful Be Yourself
5.      Love when a gift is well thought out – from the gift down to the gift bag itself

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