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Afternoon Champagne Afternoon High Tea at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of life."

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon something I read in one of Oprah’s books a while ago that resonated with me. It couldn’t be timelier. She asked, “what are your life’s pleasures?” and broke it down with the following questions: ‘if you were to use a rating system from 1 to 5 stars of things that give you full satisfaction and the most pleasure in life - from your job, family, worship and friendship to your children. What would they be? Which one of these would get the most stars?’

Periodically, making such a self-examination to gauge what our priorities are in life can be great. Especially in this day and age with social media where the need to keep up with the Jones's has become a national pastime, even if the Jones's are workaholics on the verge of a heart attack at the age of forty-three. All too often, excessive concern for more lies behind such tragedies – making us forget to prioritize the most important things that bring us joy and happiness in life.

Afternoon Champagne Afternoon High Tea at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel

Afternoon Champagne Afternoon High Tea at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel

Being aware that the only moment we have for certain is this very one, and it’s about to be over - has always helped me to make time for the things that truly bring me pleasure in life. I think using the rating system is such a good way to help reevaluate your life’s priorities and put it all in perspective. Here are some of the things that pretty much get a high star rating in my life.
~ My hubby – my one and only family in my life: five stars.

~ Daily maintaining a close relationship with God – who gives me the ability to even enjoy what I do to begin with: five stars.

~ Afternoon tea at the Beverly Hills hotel – spending an afternoon relaxing and drinking my favorite tea with the right company: five stars.

~ Fresh flowers all throughout my space – never without them: four stars.

~ The moment I pull-out my house for a vacation: five stars.

~ Bringing people together for a good time: four stars.

~ The feeling of a clean house and having things in their proper places - in my household, that’s at ALL times: four stars.

~ Walking into a great smelling space (hello, Nomo Soho and my own house): five stars.

~ Weekend brunch – did someone say, 'bottomless mimosas?': five stars.

~ Feeling connected and understood in the company of a good friend: four stars.

~ Being in New York in the fall: five stars.

~ Having something to look forward to, like a girls’ night out or a couple’s massage: five stars.

~ Crawling into my favorite hotel’s plush bedding with my favorite magazines: five stars.

~ Snuggling on the couch with the hubby to watch our favorite DVR shows: five stars.

~ Going on dates with the hubby: five stars.

~ Room service on vacation after a long day of exploring: five stars.

~ The sound of the needle hitting the record on my record player: four stars.

~ Decorating a new place: five stars.

~ Laying in bed in my robe at a favorite hotel watching a movie: four stars.

~ Entertaining friends - just the process of preparing for a dinner party and the anticipation of having company, gives me that warm fuzzy feeling: five stars.

~ Self-Love “me time” pampering while listening to my relaxing playlist: four stars.

~ Getting things, like online orders or gifts/cards in the mail: five stars

~ Volunteering my time in my community and helping people to improve their lives: four stars. 

~ A great bottle of Gew├╝rztraminer wine at the end of a long day with a home cooked meal: five stars.

How about you guys - what are your life's pleasures? I'd love to hear.

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