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Steve Madden Embroidered Carrson Block Heel Sandals

Out of all the latest trends, from tassel earrings and straw handbags to embroidered tops – the trend that speaks to me the most by far is all the intricate details of embroidery I've been seeing. I’m a girl who’s all about details and particularly ones that make a striking statement. Early on in the season, I scored one of the prettiest embroidered tops that have now become a favorite in my closet to the point I rarely put it on in fear it will wear out too quickly. In fact, the charming embroidery embellishments on that top is what got my creative juices flowing and made me look at my block heel suede sandals with fresh eyes. Though I love the neutral simplicity of the sandals, I felt like a touch of eye-catching color floral embroidery appliques on the heels would enliven the style and give them a fresh new look (like a good shot of Botox), making them even better addition to my spring and summer wardrobe.

Steve Madden Embroidered Carrson Block Heel Sandals

This DIY couldn’t be any simpler to do. Here’s what’s needed:        

     * Pair of favorite plain sandals 
     * Embroidery appliques of your liking
     * Fabric glue or iron-on appliques

Then the next step is:

Plan where you’d like to position the floral appliques on your sandals before gluing them on. Then, align the pattern in a way that’ll keep them facing in the same position. For instance, I made sure that my floral embroidered stems were each facing outward, like a V-shape.

Steve Madden Embroidered Carrson Block Heel Sandals

Once you have a good sense of the exact placing for your embroidery, start gluing them while being careful not to drop glue on the suede part of the shoes that are not going to be covered. Or if you went the iron-on route (which by the way, is a lot easier to apply), make sure to keep your iron from touching the other parts of the sandals that will not be covered, especially if they’re suede.

Steve Madden Embroidered Carrson Block Heel Sandals

Steve Madden Embroidered Carrson Block Heel Sandals

Nothing makes me more excited than customizing things to reflect my own unique taste. The best part of doing this diy embroidered block heel suede sandals is it makes me feel like I just got a whole new pair of brand-new shoes! I couldn't be any happier with how they came out. 

Stay tuned to what I’ll be pairing them with.

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