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BeckaBellaStyleInspirations Grateful Moments
1. The sweetest surprise gift from a newfound friend with an unexpected message inside the mug that says: "I'm not bossy - I am the boss." Too funny.

Happy Friday you guys! I'm so excited that we are finally only two days away from heading into what’s pretty much going to be a summer long vacation. I can’t begin to tell you how overjoyed I am to get away from it all for now and go quiet the noise and chaos of house hunting, and an over-committed schedule. Next week, we’ll be exchanging all of that for views of magnificent mountains, glaciers, whales, seals and possibly grizzly bears (which probably will freak me out to see in person, but thrilling nonetheless). If these hints to where we'll be headed to for the first leg of our destination is not enough, stay tuned. I will be taking this getaway opportunity to figure out how to use Insta stories and share our experiences along the way during moments we get cell service. In the meantime, I've scheduled several fun posts, from how to ward off insecurity and five ways to get your life back to the top sunscreens for brown skin that are tried and true. The shop will also be getting updated twice a week, so keep an eye out for what I'm currently loving and adding in my closet.

BeckaBellaStyleInspirations Grateful Moments
2. That moment when you glance at your side view mirror and see God's creation staring right back at you, reminding me that soon all the chaos will be a thing of the past.

3. Sangria flight at one of our 'oldie but goodie' spots in Long Beach.

4. This was one more of those thoughtful gifts I received this month 
that brought me to tears for feeling so appreciated by friends. 

BeckaBellaStyleInspirations Grateful Moments
5. This cozy corner spot at an event this past weekend 
was my saving grace.

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