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Happy Friday! Hope everyone’s week wasn’t too bad. I had every intention of chronicling a few snapshots of the latest updates on our renovation project but, haven’t had a chance to gather the photos and my thoughts just yet. Let’s just say this - a lot of things have been pretty much on a construction standstill, since some material takes time to get and workers have had either emergency travel to make or just don’t show up on time to finish things. The angst of any construction/renovation process. As I impatiently wait for things to get done, I’ll be using some of the time to do a massive household item and closet purge, which I’ll be donating to Habitat for Humanity. Here are some of my favorite links and quote this week:

" Great men cultivate love... Only little men cherish a spirit of hatred."

1. Anyone else knew this could be more dangerous than smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

2. One of my strong points in life is keeping a clutter-free home, which I often wish de-cluttering my mind could be just as easy for me to do. That’s why I always welcome thought-provoking reads or videos like this. Which is now saved under my “self-help” category. So so good.

3. As serious foodies, going out to eat for us involves so many important factors. One of the things that is way up there (besides the food and its presentation obviously), is the atmosphere. We love to be totally transported upon entering a restaurant. If you want to know what I mean, check out this newly emerged restaurant spot brimming with pure d├ęcor inspiration. I'm smitten!

4. This is is old news but still gives me a good laugh. Would you be able to keep a straight face through this dialog exchange as a court recorder?

5. Love these iPhone how-tos, because after all these years of owning an iPhone, I still barely know all the tips and tricks of its functionality.

6. I think I've pretty much got half of my fall casual wardrobe covered here.

Have a great weekend!



BeckaBellaStyle Fabulous Five Things Friday Favorites

Amidst all the chaos of this world and of my week dealing with one unreliable contractor after another, juggling back-to-back appointments, school, and dinner meetings, including an upcoming 9-hour class this Saturday, there are several takeaways for me from this week. Two of which are, one) ‘don’t give your time, energy, and money to spend time doing things with people who make you less yourself and unhappy.’ Two) ‘everything is going to be OK.’ In the interim, do the best you can with what you can within your power and ability, while you can.

1. The color and style of this perfect fall coat gave me all the warm and fuzzy fall season feelings.

2. Both the hubby and I have been asking when did kitchen cabinet pull handles get so expensive?! Still scouring online and local stores for the right ones, but so far, this style falls into the ideal brass pull bar handle for us.

3. Loving these latest feet treats in honor of self-love. In love! Sometimes, you just got to.

4. Swooning over this floor!

5. Have been in search for layered necklaces for a while now, getting this effortlessly chic triple layer necklace under my radar.

Oh, and this week's tea bag timely proverb admonition (given the world’s scene): 
“Plant kindness and gather love.” 

Have a great weekend!



BeckaBellaStyle_Paige Released Hem Denim-Mango Bag-Ann Taylor Sunglasses-Brown jacket-Madewell Nutmeg Slides Mule Sandals

I don’t know about you, but am I the only one who feels like I got whiplash from the swift arrival of September? I mean don’t get me wrong, anyone who knows me well knows that fall is my favorite season and when I’m my happiest, and how can it not be? Instead of sweltering summer heat, you get to inhale refreshing crisp cool air that awakens your senses with the sweet-smelling aroma of everything nice. Dare I mention the fall layering of the home, the fashion, and being cozied up by a fire under a favorite warm blanket, while relishing in the return of all your new fall favorite TV shows? That’s just to name a few. Bottom line, just imagine the excitement that ‘summer loving’ people get multiplied by a thousand - that’s how I feel about the fall season. 

BeckaBellaStyle_Paige Released Hem Denim-Mango Bag-Ann Taylor Sunglasses-Brown jacket-Madewell Nutmeg Slides Mule Sandals

BeckaBellaStyle_Paige Released Hem Denim-Mango Bag-Ann Taylor Sunglasses-Brown jacket-Madewell Nutmeg Slides Mule Sandals

BeckaBellaStyle_Paige Released Hem Denim-Mango Bag-Ann Taylor Sunglasses-Brown jacket-Madewell Nutmeg Slides Mule Sandals

However, I wanted to at least be all settled into our new house before the season goes into its full swing, because let’s face it, there’s nothing more comforting than having your windows open, feeling the fresh autumn air breeze flowing through your well-organized home while your favorite scented candle permeates the rooms and some good vibe grooves (which I’ll be sharing that playlist soon) are echoing softly in the background. It’s a feeling of satisfaction that gives me such a sense of abundance – softening the blow of any trials and tribulations amidst the hardest of times. How about you - are you as much a fall fanatic as I am? 

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Beckabella Style Fabulous Friday Favorites

Happy fabulous Friday! From now on, I’ll be combining my favorite links around the web and Friday’s grateful moments posts into one called “Fabulous Friday Favorites”, for the sake of keeping things simpler. Streamlining life has been the name of the game for me around here. It's been a full week of kitchen demo chaos, design and shopping for appliances, tiles, countertops - which you might have caught a glimpse of on my IG stories. So, this weekend is pretty much-letting contractors in and supervising to make sure things are getting done the way it all supposed to happen. In the meantime, wanted to share some favorite links.

1. Did you get a chance to catch my post on best budget-friendly countertops?

2. Finding the right kitchen faucet has been a real challenge. Thus far, the only styles that have caught my eye are these in this color and this color.

3. Loving a few pieces from this collection for fall.

4. If you’re a climate change denier, I beseech you to watch this riveting documentary.

5. Just added some of what I’m currently loving off my fall wish list to the shop.

Have a great weekend!