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Beckabella Style Fabulous Friday Favorites

Happy fabulous Friday! From now on, I’ll be combining my favorite links around the web and Friday’s grateful moments posts into one called “Fabulous Friday Favorites”, for the sake of keeping things simpler. Streamlining life has been the name of the game for me around here. It's been a full week of kitchen demo chaos, design and shopping for appliances, tiles, countertops - which you might have caught a glimpse of on my IG stories. So, this weekend is pretty much-letting contractors in and supervising to make sure things are getting done the way it all supposed to happen. In the meantime, wanted to share some favorite links.

1. Did you get a chance to catch my post on best budget-friendly countertops?

2. Finding the right kitchen faucet has been a real challenge. Thus far, the only styles that have caught my eye are these in this color and this color.

3. Loving a few pieces from this collection for fall.

4. If you’re a climate change denier, I beseech you to watch this riveting documentary.

5. Just added some of what I’m currently loving off my fall wish list to the shop.

Have a great weekend!

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